Borderlands 2 officially announced for Japan with new screenshots

Take-Two Interactive has officially announced Borderlands 2 (Playstation 3 and Xbox 360) for Japan in addition to revealing several new screenshots for their upcoming title.

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demetre722548d ago

this awsome news definitely, can't wait for this game .So fell in love with the first one

The co-op was a huge success ,we need more info not just screenshot's please !!

NukaCola2548d ago

The gameplay, co-op systems, weapons, enemies, bosses, level designs...everything about the first game was so much fun and just brilliant..


The ending. I get the purpose but it was such a bummer. I mean the point of the story could of given us what was said all along. Bonus items, if you will for completing the game. I killed bigger enemies too, they didnt need to con me to beat the game...I was going to anyway.

Kostchtchie2548d ago

yeah that ending made me lul also i was like WTF!!

cannot wait for this borderlands is my favourite fps this gen