The Art of the Mass Effect Universe EDI and Prothean images leaked

A fan has already gotten his copy of The Art of the Mass Effect Universe and scanned pages showing concept art for EDI and The Prothean.

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ColdAssassin2457d ago

We are told every single prothean is dead for 2 games and now there is one alive?

reznik_zerosum2457d ago

making up as they go,that how it works,bioware.
It looks so random lol

Megaton2455d ago

ME1: Protheans are dead.
ME2: Protheans are Collectors!
ME3: Protheans are still alive!

markbob2457d ago

It looks like we will be finding a Prothean in deep status on some random world

MidnightSpecial2457d ago

Cool. The final part is going to be awesome - there are bound to be some shocks and surprises lined up

DarkBlood2457d ago

its going to be funny to see joker and edi interaction lol and

i can sort of tell some similiarity between the prothean and what they were turned into which name escapes me

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