Are developers even listening?

Games Radar writes, "Every gamer is an armchair critic. We all have brilliant ideas on how a developer could have done a better job or what they need to include in their next game to make it the absolute pinnacle of awesomeness. And truly dedicated armchair critics want their valuable opinions to be heard. So they post on a forum. Maybe the developer's own dedicated virtual chamber or just a general gaming arena of chat and debate. But are the developers actually listening and, more importantly, do they take notice of what we - the gamers - have to say?"

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Darkiewonder4737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

But when some do, they can make a game awesome. while there are developers that go with what they think will please everyone. Some of these developers get what gamers want because they are gamers themselves and they can understand what we want.

Julian. I'm lookin at you ;3

EDIT: LMFAO. Looks Like I ticked off you.

CeruleanSky4737d ago

What a moron. Do the board a favor a go away.

harv0524737d ago

It's nice that some do listen...But it's also nice that they try to balance things too, cause some people out there really have stupid ideas, it's unbelievable! Just jump to gaming forums and you'll see! Of course some people also have great ideas!

jinn4736d ago

this includes:
infinity ward
epic games
...and many more