Did DLC Kill The Unlockable?

Video may have killed the radio star, but did DLC kill alternative costumes and cameo characters? Pay 300 Cheat Code Central points to learn all about how downloadable content has replaced in-game unlockables.

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Snookies122456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

I miss the days of unlockables that actually mattered...

DLC allows the developers to be lazy, throw out a game regardless of if they think it's finished or not, and just add stuff later on down the line and get extra money. Though, that holds true for "some" developers, not going to say all.

maniacmayhem2456d ago

I don't know when this trend of calling devs "lazy" came from but it really needs to stop.

To develop games on today's current consoles takes up to over a million dollars (production, staffing, marketing, etc.) to make. And every new IP is a gamble in today's economy. Its not like the good old yester years where games could be made in half the time with less money, with a group in someone's moms garage. Games today are bigger, more advanced and require a lot more time and resources making. All that needs $$$$$.

So in order to make a profit and to extend the life of a game DLC is offered and it is never mandatory to buy by the way. But can you imagine a game that bombs and DLC is still offered for that bombed game? That's extra time, money spent and loss on a failed game. Or how about dlc for game that did well but the dlc was never purchased or made back enough of a profit to justify it being made in the first place.

And what game was released that wasn't finished? If you are referring to bugs and glitches well those are fixed through patches and don't cost us consumers a thing.

My point is this, you should never call devs lazy. Most to not all devs in the industry work 70 to 80 hours a week just to meet a deadline set from some chump in marketing.

now there are some blatant cash grabs, even I admit that. But like I said before, dlc is not mandatory and devs shouldn't be called lazy...unless you're the ones who worked on X-men: Destiny, damn lazy a$$es!

DeathAvengers2455d ago

I'm the only agree here I guess. People are so ignorant to call devs lazy, if only they knew how much work went into a game...

mamotte2455d ago

Not at all. It just changed the way you unlock things. In old times, you needed skills, now you need a wallet.

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