Steam alternatives – price comparison (AlterGamer)

Steam, with over 40 million registered accounts, is the locomotive of the games industry train. But is it the best value for gamers? Let's find out.

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Fanatyk2455d ago

The article was down for a minute, it's fine now - my mistake, sorry!

Saryk2455d ago

Steam has way more sales than anyone else and has a bigger title selection than any I have seen. However I do frequent the other sites to find the best deal.

I use:
Direct 2 Drive/Gamefly
Gamer’s Gate

Fanatyk2455d ago

Yes, it does. However it is on the expensive side, unless you are lucky enough to catch a bargain. But there are lots of games you can't get there as well, so I would argue on the "biggest title selection". Among similar platforms? Yes, although it seems greenman is getting close. Anything else taken into account? Well, you can get 90% of the games you are interested in on Amazon. eBay is also an option.