So Rage Was Filled With Corridors And Rooms, Big Deal

Beautiful, expansive worlds with a plethora of enemies, tools, and diverse characters with whom the player character can interact aren’t just for open world games. Different areas to run around in, a wide range of environments, several missions giving the player excuses to return to some of those nifty environments, these things occur in linear games as well. Rage is, yeah, linear, but linear is no STD-infested harlot ruining each game it can get its hands on, linear is capable of healthy relationships as well.

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Lelldorianx2457d ago

You forgot the part where it was filled with fail ... namely graphics artifacting.

Nostradavis2457d ago

I haven't played it yet. Were the graphics that bad?

greeneggsnsam2457d ago

At launch, apparently it's pretty much fixed now.

Gran Touring2457d ago

The graphics were okay, but everyone gave it a free pass and called it great because it ran at 60 frames.

Emessai2457d ago

The graphics were great, what was "Okay" about them? Everything in that game resonated the theme, the animation was solid (albeit dipping slightly into the "uncanny valley" sometimes) and the textures were par at least.

Ducky2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

I didn't encounter any graphical problems, but I played it on PC and it was after ATI fixed their drivers (it was atrocious before that)

Anyways, I thought graphics were one of the strong points, especially the art direction that came with it as it often felt like playing through concept art itself. The gunplay was fine and the game gives you plenty of weapons.

Unfortunately, it appears 7 years wasn't enough development time because the game lacks an ending.
That's really what soured the experience for me.

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Proeliator2457d ago

It was a modern shooter with the classic id formula. The only people who mock RAGE have either not played it or were born in the 2000s.

PirateThom2457d ago

I think it's a really poor game, played it and was born in 1986... what now?

Rubberlegs2457d ago

Nothing wrong with linear games. Some of my favorite games this gen are linear but Rage is nothing but a corridor shooter. It never goes outside of being a corridor shooter when it comes to its gunplay.
I still thought it was a fun game but I wanted more out of it. I'd would have rather just seen the entire game be linear and have them ditch the open world aspect.

MasterD9192457d ago

Its not terrible but it is bit of a let-down.

Nowhere near Brink status though.

Pintheshadows2456d ago

Brink is awful. I feel sorry for people that bought it at full price. I paid a tenner and on finding out it had 8 maps I was shocked. Then I was appalled.

Tyre2457d ago

What did u expect then? If it was such a let down, people should look at their own over the top expectations. I thought it was great, but i didn't expect ANYTHING. It does what it does and it's better than average. It definitely deserved more sales. Look at Homefront with it ridiculous sales for C$# sake!