Sony, Microsoft Reveal PSN Momentum, Xbox 360 Attach Rate

Some interesting statistics were revealed about the PlayStation Network, with Sony stating that 3 million users have registered over the life of the network, and among them have downloaded over 60 million pieces of content. 1.8 million of these users are in North America alone, and those users have downloaded more than 34.5 million pieces of content.

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BloodySinner4737d ago

"Microsoft also pointed out that, at 6.9 games sold per console, Xbox 360 breaks the games attach record. The company also claimed 84 Xbox 360 titles with a Metacritic review score of 80 or higher, compared to 39 for PS3 and 12 for Wii."

6.9!!! WOW!

harpua4737d ago

hey, if i knew my console was going to break down at any second i'd be buying games left and right to get as much gaming in as possible.

CrashSharc4737d ago

but that doesn't make any sense... seriously? if you knew your console would break, would actually invest MORE into it?...

BTW, that's an awesome attach rate and metacritic stat, but I beleive a lot has to do with the fact that XBOX had NO competition for half it's life. So any (ANY) Nex-gen title bought in that time would have been for the 360. Just saying. But good for all consoles all around. God I love personal atach rate is 28... and counting...

Kleptic4737d ago

I bought my PS3 in March, and own 9 games (including UT3 which is a christmas give that I "noticed" in my closet)

I guess I am not of the norm though...

drewdrakes4737d ago

Kleptic - I have 16 360 games. Im not of the norm either :)

montavious4737d ago

Your orignaly post was wrong, so you take the same numbers and apply pointless math to come up with the SAME WRONG ANSWER!

HarryEtTubMan4737d ago

If the PS3 was out a whole extra year like the 360(obviously is hasnt been) Dony u think it will also have around 80-85 games over a 80 on metacritic if it already has 39 in one year. lol. Thats not a accomplish ment its obviouly just been out twice at lone... by the end of next year the PS3 will be at 80-90....while the Wii...... meh. Its not special to have double the amount of good reviews when u have been out twice as long hahaha. Thats called common sense.

Yes PSN is a booming service... it's free... everyone uses it when its free! Also note that HOME, in game XMB and the movie and musiv on demand are coming very soon. PSN is the shizznit.

PS3PCFTW4737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

O hhh


OH thats right 2!!

so that makes them on par no? 84(2 years) and 39(1 year). Dont worry though, ps3 is set to blow the 360 out the water in 08.

you fail.


i await your next ridiculous comment, take some kindergarten math classes before you try to make a point involving arithmetics again. K? thanks

DeadIIIRed4736d ago

84 games that scored 80 or higher? Thats out of how many other crap games ? And how many games would that be excluding multi-platform releases?

And how long exactly did it take Microsoft to attract just 1 million users to XBL? Not specifically sure, but I know it was no where near as fast as PSN.

Gondee4735d ago

Im at 31 games. Altough not all of them are full 60 doller titles.

Wonder what the Arcade attach rate is.

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pornflakes4737d ago

And how many multiple accounts? I mean, i have 3 psn accounts. Cause u get more demos for dl in the UK than Germany.

But with XBL MS has 8 Million aktive users connected to, so its more acurate.

I love Sony with their numbers -_-

mrguru4737d ago

the internet is not the majority....there maybe some multi accounts, but your in a minority most people don't even go through the hassle of making them.

novaIS3504737d ago

Why do you care so much?

EZCheez4737d ago

There are people on this website that will admit to creating new accounts every month on XBL so they could get the free month of gold membership.

Somebody was talking about it just yesterday when the silver-demo restrictions were brought up.

Kleptic4737d ago

in an interview with the head of the PSN a few months ago he was saying they had 1.5 million master accounts in the US...I would assume that is what they would use number wise...

I only have my master account though...never got around to make accounts for other regions...but can't you only have billing information for the master account?...and the sub accounts are only for messaging and avatars...with access to different stores depending on regions? if they are talking about sales and accounts that are buying the stuff, it would have to be master accounts wouldn't it?

CrashSharc4737d ago

and exactly how many people make multiple live accounts in order to get a free 1 month gold account?

Lex Luthor4737d ago

I have 3 PSN accounts, UK,US and japan

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Meus Renaissance4737d ago

A few weeks ago Microsoft claimed they outsold the PS3 2 to 1. They were 162,000 short of that mark.

N4G Admins are Gay4737d ago

The 2:1 figure was only for Black Friday, not the whole month.

ThaGeNeCySt4737d ago

That's what always confused me... I always thought MS was talking about Black Friday... or at the very most Black Friday week.. not the WHOLE month of November.

EZCheez4737d ago

Couldn't help but notice you trying to look like someone else on this website. Why would you do that?

Meus Renaissance4737d ago

Ok. 770,000/4 is around 192,500 a week estimate. 466,000/4 would be around 116,500 a week. There is no way to estimate Black Friday sales in general, and how much it had contributed to the entire month but I see nothing to suggest that Microsoft dominated to the point of 2 to 1 ratio.

ry-guy4737d ago

That is because you're averaging the entire month into weeks. You could do the same for every day of the month.

If the 360 sold 770,000 units in Novemeber that averages to 192,500 units per week (which you pointed out) to 25,667 units a day.

If the PS3 sold 466,000 units in Novemeber that averages to 116,500 units per week (which you also pointed out) to 15,533 units a day.

But averaging the numbers, as you have done, you've completely removed the whole Black Day phenomena that occurs. Also you're not taking into account Thanksgiving (which stores were closed for) or any slow buisness days etc. You're assuming a constant steady flow of units being sold with no variation on sales.

Playing the numbers game does not work in this case.

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xboxrumble4737d ago

i would like to see the software sale momentum.. it has been pathetic, at least I know xbox fans are enjoying their console and not using it for other purposes first, not that its a bad thing but I'm in it for the games.

harpua4737d ago

"i would like to see the software sale momentum"

yeah, i was like going to buy this car but there wasn't enough sales momentum so i got something else. [eye roll]

xboxrumble4737d ago

we could of said the same but you wouldn't compare that to a car would ya?[eye roll]

EZCheez4737d ago

That a console with 1/3 consoles sold will sell 1/3 the amount of games.

PS3 owners do buy games. I buy almost every single game that comes out (I do have limits though), but I've actually spents nights messing around with my PS3 without even playing a game. There's a lot of stuff you can do (especially with Linux) that would keep you occupied without even putting in a game disc. Now I can understand why some people would see that as a negative, but I love it. It's still a video game console, but it's a lot more too.

Skerj4737d ago

xboxrumble, anyone who thought the 3DO was a good idea deserved to get taken. Trip Hawkins more than likely thought it was a bad idea as well when he was conning devs into supporting it. The Dreamcast was selling a damn lot of games at the time, but I don't think anyone even uttered the phrase "attach rate" back then as we were all just concerned with what? Playing GOOD games!! The 360 is fine, the PS3 is fine, the Wii. selling. If you want a PS3 get one based on your gaming tastes, not because your neighbor didn't buy some games.

xboxrumble4737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

but I remember when the xbox and 360 came out ps3 fanboys were yapping it will dissappear into the abyss or it will be hte next dreamcast why?

Well the dreamcast did sell games but I wouldn't say it sold more games then the xbox.You can't deny a "high attach rate" since it will bring devs in droves since they can make money on whatever platform. It's all about support, we buy your games and more devs come on board to take a piece of the pie.

Keeps the console afloat and providing that there will be a future is all I'm saying.

Thats why software sales matter. ps3 fanboys always dismiss some of the most important factors but when its another console doing poor, oh its very important and have superiority complexes.

Attach rate have always been important, it has been over looked becasue there wasn't much competition. thanks to Sony, now they got competition up their arse and feeling the heat. See every company now has to set themselves apart from the other with success numbers.

Guwapo774736d ago

Both systems were awesome in their time. 3DO had some awesome games...too bad it was a head of it's time and cost too damn much. $800 when it was released... I miss those days...*sobs*

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INehalemEXI4737d ago

I predicted this Holiday sales outcome... Not that it was hard to see what would happen.