Video Card & GPU Terminology Explained

Gamers Nexus: "Our previous video card guide looked at the pros and cons of AMD vs. NVIDIA for gaming, but this one is (relatively) universal and can be applied to almost all aspects of graphics processing technology. This "GPU Dictionary" explains the difference between memory clocks and core clocks, shader specs, what a ROP is, and some other basic (and fun) GPU phrases."

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Velox2509d ago

There's some good stuff in here... especially the differences between shader types

Lelldorianx2509d ago

Shaders can get extremely complex, but the guide breaks them down pretty nicely and compacts them.

Persistantthug2509d ago

Where does that fall on the list of importance?

xtremexx2509d ago

i hate shader models, when i didnt have a good computer they got in the way of me playing the game >:(

Lelldorianx2509d ago

Haha, I remember the days of Morrowind when my crappy video card couldn't render a damn thing in the interior cells. Going into caves was horrifying when all you could see was monsters and no walls...

Velox2509d ago

Morrowind was back when I didn't know anything about minimum requirements. So much frustration was had

Wick2509d ago

Thanks for posting this interesting article.

Ulf2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

This article was written by someone with only barebones knowledge. Don't take the assumptions that (as an example) pixel fillrate has no bearing with modern GPUs. Given high rez monitors, and the amount of overdraw necessary for some cool modern graphics FX, pixel fillrate can be VERY important. Overdraw, with alpha or otherwise, is a serious, serious performance concern with gaming, and always has been.

The article also makes no mention of memory latency.. only bandwidth -- thus completely discounting cheap shaders used on rapidly changing materials as a GPU performance bottleneck.

Reading this "dictionary" is interesting, but be careful to separate the author's assumptions from the raw facts.

ATi_Elite2509d ago

if your interested in getting into PC Gaming or just learning more about GPU Lingo and the technology then read this article.

This is some very good stuff here.

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