Battlefield 3 – Incoming Vehicle Tweaks, DICE Ramps Up Anti Cheat Measures

MP1st - DICE’s Community Manager, Daniel Matros, has more news for those worried about, or affected by, the recent hacking attempts on Battlefield 3 players while Senior Designer, Fredrik Thylander, updates Battlefield 3 fans about incoming vehicle tweaks.

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sovietsoldier2454d ago

hey dice buff shotguns that use buckshot.

TheGOODKyle2454d ago

You seriously want shotguns more overpowered?!

BraveToaster2454d ago

Only the USAS with frag rounds is OP.

sovietsoldier2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

@thegoodkyle please tell me how they are op please. frag round are used the most because they are the most powerful if buckshot worked like it should people wouldn't use frags so much.

Zha1tan2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

Lets just get to the point here about what people are complaining about.

"Shotguns are OP"

Controversial subject that has been around in every FPS known to man.

Are shotguns overpowered in BF3? Yes indeed they are to a certain extent.

BUT before you jump to a conclusion here where are they overpowered? Well they are overpowered clearly in CQB.

Are they Overpowered at medium range? (seems most players have no grasp or concept of what medium range is)certainly not, ANYONE who is in the slightest COMPETANT will gun you down with an F2000 or an AN94 in a heartbeat while you are sitting there like a prat firing a mild display of fire crackers at them (USAS12 + FRAG 12s).

Long range? Dont make me laugh.

Saying a shotgun is overpowered is like saying an AR is overpowered at medium range or a sniper is OP at long range.

The FRAG 12 situation is greatly dramatised by the BF community due to the exciting visuals which infact do suprisingly little splash damage and kill with 3 hits at anything past 5 feet.

It seems like this community just cries out for a nerf whenever something becomes popular to moan about.

The General mentality seems to be "that killed me, im a god I dont diezzz11 on FPSesszz11!! TIS CLEARLYZ T3h 0pZ!!11"

I can kill a frag 12 spammer easily at mid range with the L85A2 which is a beautiful weapon, close range he will have me but is that not the strength of a shotgun? to be OP in CQB? I thought we were playing a semi realistic war game here....

There is to much estrogen flowing around in todays FPS games were players think they are gods gift and as soon as they get killed its a afront to humanity.

My advice, sit down play the game, try all the weapons at all ranges on all maps then come back and say something is overpowered...ever tried a USAS on Firestorm? Caspian Border? Kharg Island? you wont get far buddy.

And as a final note people who play metro willingly on conquest are just infact irelevant, they make me want to tip over prams when they moan about shotties.

NewMonday2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

well said

as a shotgun user i know my handicap, i only engage short range, i know i'm toast if i go against machine gun users in long-mid rang without close cover.

one thing that needs fixing is anti-air rockets need to lock on faster, even for just one second. as it is its just hoping enemy pilots are incompetent.

tokugawa2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

i am a console battlefield fanboy, infact one of the biggest console battlefield fanboys you will meet. but this game is wank!! dice fucked it! bc2 was better. infact modern combat slaughters this game..

terrible balancing on weapons.
terrible balancing on maps (operation metro anyone on CQ)
no colour blind option
ridiculous vehicle healing
pathetic tactical light and laser
bad hit detection (perhaps it is weapon nerfs i dont know? especially with LMGs)
terrible input lag (ps3)

even though i got this for my xbox, to release it like that then take months to fix it is a disgrace.

the list goes on...

but it gets worse, because like bc2, their fucked up patches will make this even more unplayable

great job dice

bozebo2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

Slugs are OP but somehow I am the only person who noticed.

"pathetic tactical light and laser
bad hit detection (perhaps it is weapon nerfs i dont know? especially with LMGs) "

There is nothing pathetic about the laser (they exist IRL tbh) and the hit detection is incredible. It's client side - if you miss it is YOUR fault except when the hitboxes don't line up which is when characters flinch but you should be hitting the chest or head anyway which barely flinch.

I will agree with the balance issues though.

tokugawa2453d ago

@ bozebo. i am aware hat these things exist (light and laser), but the way the light is more blinding than the sun is indeed pathetic. i have the impression that dice just wanted to show off their lighting model. i also have the impression that it throws off your aim on purpose.

and the hit detection. i have lost count of the times that i had the sights on someone from no more than 30 foot, and had to wait til the 10th bullet before it registered. or only to see in the death cam that not one hit registered.

SwampCroc2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

my only real complaint... is that is says right on the BF3 weapon description... that frag round ammo for the shotgun is low in damage and mainly for suppression.... however, I find they kill me very, very quickly...

when there have been multiple times I have been CQB with the 870MCS(buckshot - all I use for shotty)... in fact 870MCS is the only shotty I use... JayBizzle311 -Playstation 3 check the stats....

quirky ass hit detection... how the fuck am I going to get a kill assist of 100... the kill assist is the damage you inflict.. if I have inflicted 100 damage the dude is dead.. it should say enemy killed not kill assist damage 100... that's one thing i've seen a few times...

there's alot of cheap shit that will eventually find you.. but if you know the game you should be able to change the tides.

jocomat92453d ago

only the automatic ones are overpowered. the rest are underpowered. Way to much spread its pathetic. Its almost all big maps and range drops too quick for shotties. and you die quicky against someone with really good aim. Increase slug ammo damage cause notice no one uses it?? Its to weak. add a little more range for buckshot and dart ammo.

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scrambles2454d ago

as much as i agree with u. Dice wanted to make differences between ammunitions. Buck = close range, fletchet = medium, slug = long, and frag round... idk what theyre for but theyre for fun i guess.

Persistantthug2453d ago

"idk what theyre for but theyre for fun i guess. "

For overpowering....what else.

jocomat92453d ago

Buckshot has better range then fletchet btw

scrambles2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

@jocomat9 nope. Buckshot loses its strength earlier and has a lower min damage.

frostypants2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

LOL WUT?! Last night I got killed 3 times in the same round by guys using buckshot from 2 blocks away.

Quite the opposite...NERF buckshot. It's already insta-kill at close range, and that's the ONLY time it should be. It's intended for easy kills at CLOSE RANGE, and it works for that. From mid range and out it should be near worthless.

About the only thing buckshot can kill in real life from any kind of range is a small rodent or bird (yes, I've gone hunting with shotguns in real life).

scrambles2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

Was it the M320 Buckshot? cuz that thing has range. 870 has ok range with buckshot and the rest of the shotguns dont. also shotguns are suppose to be insta-kill at close range... its their purpose. If they took 2 shots are close range then no1 would use them cuz everything shoot 8 bullets b4 u can shoot both...

sovietsoldier2453d ago

many of you miss understood and think its the shotgun its self, i was saying the ammunition not the shotgun. sorry for the confusion. many buckshot at close range don't kill and you have to give shotguners some kind of advantage when everyone is using mg's and rpgs its kind of hard to get close most of the time when there is lots of spam going on.

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Holeran2454d ago

Maybe fix the PS3 input lag that has been a problem since release day? Just a thought.

BLuKhaos2454d ago

Man I gotta say I really dodged a bullet this time by picking the 360 version over the PS3 version this time. I havent had to deal with many glitches on the brobox. I dont know how the ps3 version ended up like it did considering how bc2 was the more stable version of all the three.

frostypants2454d ago

I owned BFBC2 on PS3 and have BF3 on 360, but I've played it on PS3 as well...and I have no clue what this input lag thing is about, because I sure didn't notice it. Wonder if it's TV specific...

Persistantthug2453d ago

I however am using my PS3 on an SD TV (that's what I have in my private bedroom), so I don't actually have that problem.

But when I put my PS3 on in my HDTV in the other room, I did notice the lag. It's kinda bad.

bozebo2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

There is loads of input lag, I also notice it on the 360 but it's nowhere near as bad.

I don't understand how there was no problem with it in the beta but now suddenly there is input lag :S

04soldier2454d ago

what is this input lag on the ps3 ppl keep talking about?? I dont experience this at all...

Holeran2453d ago

If you have no input lag then great for you. It has had it since retail release and DICE even knows it is real. If you never played the far superior beta (in terms of aiming mechanics) then you might not know how good the game should of been. This is only PS3 as well, it doesn't affect 360 or pc and DICE have also confirmed that.

SJPFTW2453d ago

LOL i will rather deal with input lag than scrubs spamming frag rounds.

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Psychotica2454d ago

How about fixing the server browser so I can see if the game I select is going to end 5 seconds after I join it then it goes to a map I didn't want to play on.

04soldier2454d ago

if you wanna play a certain map. Just jump into an almost full room of the map right before your map in the playlist.

The game will end more likely in less than 5 minutes and you can enjoy a full game of ure fav map.

frostypants2454d ago

THIS. Simple fix would be to lock the round out when one or the other team has less than 50 tickets.

rmatott2453d ago

agreed, hate joining and having the round end 5 seconds after I join. Also wish there was servers that were only 1 map. I wish i could just have the option to play one just one map if i want to

Ramses32454d ago

Input lag still kinda sucks :(

Criminal2454d ago

DICE dropped the ball big time with input lag. I wonder if they will ever fix it.

bozebo2453d ago

You mean you wonder if EA think it is financially viable to fix it? (aka will people still buy future EA games? Yes becaues DICE will get the blame if it is never fixed)

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