Will Max Payne 3 rival Uncharted for best cinematic direction

Max Payne 3 is looking fantastic at the moment to the point where the question is raised whether it can take the crown for best cinematic direction in a video game.

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YodaCracker2459d ago

With Rockstar Games at the wheel, anything is possible.

rdgneoz32459d ago

It might, though Remedy Entertainment was the original devs for the series and they did a great job. And the direction Rockstar is taking it is a bit different than the first time. With that said, Uncharted will probably beat it for cinematic direction, though you never know if Rockstar might be able to pull it off.

MrGunny942459d ago

Indeed, Rockstar is huge when it comes to "Cinematic Experience" will it beat Uncharted? I don't know... I liked the job they did with L.A Noire, and i'm loving each trailer and information of Max Payne 3

This will be a day 1 purchase

ElliePage2459d ago

lol, no.

Rockstar is terrible this gen. Just look at GTA4, people bought that and rated it based on hype and it was worse than the old GTA games. GTA is pretty much a dead series now (in a way it's like Sonic & Tomb Raider; they try but they never recapture the magic).

DrFUD2459d ago

You took the type out of my fingers....

LOL, NO - exactly!

h311rais3r2459d ago

Do u have nothing better to do than troll all day? R u that fat and bored?

megalonagyix2459d ago

The first to Max Payne games are much more immersive then UC.