The Most Overlooked Games Of 2011 -

We've seen the worst and we've seen the best of 2011. Now get ready to take a look at some games that were completely overlooked in a sea of big-budget releases and advertising campaigns.

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5yN4MWQU3394d ago

You need a pile of NES and SNES games :P

Venox20083392d ago

they weren't released in 2011 :)

btw list is great:

El shaddai
Shadows of the damned
Rayman: origins

are absolutely great games, I can add:

Child of eden

Tanir3392d ago

rayman is so awesome, shame no ones playing it, i mean i played first few levels with fiance then stopped cuz we borrowed Uncharted 3, and now Soulcal5 is coming out and still can't play Rayman lol. still its there when we are ready :D and its sooo fun

i hated shadow of the damned though, played about half of it, returned it, couldn't take it haha, the comedy was horrible aswell as story and gameplay I thought.

maybe if there was less Shadow parts (where you get englufed in the shadow and shoot the goat head to brightten things again) it seemed liked that happened in every room

ElleGee3392d ago

We actually wanted to put Catherine in, but due to the game only being distributed in 2012 here in SA, it unfortunately did not make the cut.