Best Role-Playing Games of 2007

MSNBC writes, "As consoles advance, so do RPGs – and 2007's best role-playing games are proof. The Xbox 360 hosted two of the year's highlights (and they couldn't be more different from each other), the PlayStation 3 delivered a gorgeous adventure and there was even reason to boot up that aging PS2. Of course, there's "World of Warcraft." There's just no stopping that game."

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MK_Red4737d ago

For me, It's a TIE between Mass Effect and The Witcher.
But if I was forced to choose between them, I'd go with Mass Effect.

Skerj4737d ago

How is the Witcher? I've only clocked about 2 hours on it so I can't judge it yet, so far I like it. That's saying a lot considering I don't usually like western or euro fantasy RPGs. The combat system is what drew me in, if it had the standard "right click and watch fight" of most every other PC RPG I probably would have given up on it.

MK_Red4736d ago

I personally really love the atmosphere and it's moral choice system and as a western RPG fan, this is a near perfect game IMO but in the end, I use games like Witcher and Mass Effect to be able to survive until "Return of the King" which would be Fallout 3. The game that will end all games.

Skerj4737d ago

Persona 3 for me hands down. Mass Effect is second though.

MK_Red4737d ago

I sadly missed that :(
Odin Sphere is another RPG that I wish I had played along with PSP's FF Tactics.

Skerj4737d ago

P3 had one of the most engrossing storylines I've gone through in years. Pretty much every character in the game was well developed and they all had a backstory that was fleshed out in the game. I had about 120 hours on the clock when I finally completed the first play through. Only gripe was with the odd loading times, seeing as past games on the PS2 from the SMT universe have no trouble with that. Digital Devil Saga 1 and 2, Nocturne, and Devil Summoner were fairly good on loading times and also awesome games as well. Square needs to learn a thing or two from Atlus on storytelling.

I need to complete Odin Sphere as well, I love that game. It's a shame that it came so late in the PS2 lifespan that everyone is mostly focused on the new stuff that it was somewhat overlooked commercially. I also suppose I'm the only one who doesn't count Folklore as an RPG, I keep putting it in the Action/Adventure category but it was one of my most prized PS3 purchases yet.

Zhuk4737d ago

Persona 3 was fun, except I would have to take a jab at the dungeon crawling aspects of it.

I think Mass Effect takes the crown, though I enjoyed Persona 3 immensely

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cellypower4737d ago

I really like there work.

Rice4737d ago

mass effect deserves this title

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