"Only in Battlefield 3" Video Highlight: TonyTheTuba

Battlefield Blog - "You guys are awesome. We are humbled and grateful for the over 500 community videos you have submitted to the “Only in Battlefield 3” Video Community Challenge. Watching them has been inspiring, and we want to thank all of you for contributing. Ten of the videos were particularly epic, and we now present them here daily for your viewing pleasure. We will announce the final winners on February 9. Good luck to all, and thanks again!"

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AllroundGamer2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

hm what was so special about this video, that it needed to be an article? i saw many better ones with better moments... like this one for example :)

InLaLaLand2453d ago

You should check out Operation Hammertime on youtube. Also check out his other videos, they will make you laugh.

AllroundGamer2453d ago

subscribed last week ;) he's the best in making funny BF3 videos :D also the Skyrim one was hilarious :D

bozebo2453d ago

I really need a new PC so I can record while keeping decent fps >_<