TGH: I Am Alive, Makes Us Feel Alive

TGH Writes: There are many different genres are out there in gaming, but few hold up like the action-adventure genre. They give way to new ideas and new experiences across diverse and expansive terrain.

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ShadyDevil2456d ago

I am genuinely excited for this title. Looks great and hopefully makes a quick move to PSN and doesn't take forever.

camel_toad2456d ago

I really really hope this one delivers. Great potential.

4real2456d ago

This article says it comes out in march for xbox live and later this year for psn please say it isnt true has there been a confirmed date for the psn release?

ShadyDevil2456d ago

It is true, there is no confirmed date for PSN. Just like the release of Dust and Outland the PSN release is delayed.

Starfox8112456d ago

Ah man I saw a big preview on this game and it looks immense. I'm kinda glad it initially got delayed as it's clearly turned out the better for it!

kma2k2456d ago

Put the game on a disc & it has a shot at staying alive!