Final Fantasy XIII-2 Rewards Platinum Trophy Achievers

With Final Fantasy XIII-2 releasing in North America in just a few more days, trophy hunters who are planning to Platinum it will be getting a reward.

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Wintersun6162456d ago

I wish more games would do something similar. Free DLC for those who get platinum would be sweet but probably won't happen.

Bioshocking2456d ago

The only game I can really remember that rewarded a player for platnuming a game was Uncharted 2.

If you did, you unlocked the Marco Polo skin for both single and multiplayer.

I got it, and it was overpowered.

You might wonder how a skin is overpowered.... think of it as a free 3rd perk.

bwazy2456d ago

The Perk of "MindF*ck"? haha.

admiralvic2456d ago

Spelunker HD
XIII (Theme like this one)
Lost Planet 2
Spelunker Black
Catherine in theory... (Outside of weird trophies the hard ones unlocked special endings/videos)

helghast1022456d ago

I'm going to platinum this just like I did XIII.
also, XIII has the best trophy icons ever.

Wintersun6162456d ago

I gave up on XIII platinum after 10 hours of grinding those damn Adamantortoises and had only 2 of the required 6 Trapezohedrons.

Capt-FuzzyPants2455d ago

I tried plating it, but equipping every weapon and accesory was just too hard.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2455d ago

Hard part was figuring out if I missed anything. I didn't know what item I was missing,so I was screwed. lol

dc12455d ago

Cheers to my fellow FF13 platinum friend.
It was a laborious journey that I'm glad I took.

MightyMark4272456d ago

Not bad but at least we get something for our hardwork

N311V2456d ago

This should be standard practice. Personally the effort and most importantly the time required to platinum a game without a reward is not worth it.

Wintersun6162456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

That depends on how you play the games. There's a little completionist side of me and I usually do most of the stuff anyway just for the feeling of truly completing a game, so getting platinum is just a nice small bonus for doing what I usually enjoy doing.

admiralvic2455d ago

Personally I think thats a backwards way of looking at things. Sure it will get more people playing for the trophies, but the sense of accomplishment is it's own reward.

Look at it like this...

SSF/SF IV/MvC 3/UMvC 3 offers you titles/icons for completing the trials/challenges. Most people will never use 90% of them, but doing them all and getting the trophy offers more than the rewarded 40 or so digital titles ever could...

Hyperbomb692456d ago

I heard this game is easy to platinum.
someone on rated it a 3/10 in difficulty whihc is great! The person also got it in 54~ hours which is almost half the time it took me to get plat on FF13...

torchic2455d ago

wow really 54? that's great! that's like how long it took to finish XII

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