Gamedaily BIZ: Interview: Xbox's Aaron Greenberg

In this interview chat with Aaron Greenberg (right), Group Marketing Manager for Xbox, about the PS3's revised launch numbers, holiday expectations for 360, HD DVD, Microsoft's continued struggles in Japan, the future of Xbox Live, and more. Dig in...

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Jay da 2KBalla5853d ago

"Game developers have been delivering amazing high definition Xbox 360 games on DVD since launch and will continue to deliver high definition games in that format. Games like The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Gears of War and Dead Rising clearly show that it doesn't take a Blu-ray disc to deliver stunning high definition graphics and huge, immersive worlds to explore. "

drewdrakes5853d ago

This guy seems to know his stuff, and even though hes a MS employee, he does know what hes talking about. Your quote is true, aswell as the one about them constantly improving compression techniques, which are important for large expansive levels aswell as fast load times.

Islandkiwi5853d ago

Homer: "Hey how come you guys have cushy massaging chairs?"
Lenny: "'s a secret"
Carl: "Shuuut upppp...."

Interviews where they basically say "wait and see" make me laugh.

Phytonadione5853d ago

I especially like how he cuts off the interviewer when asked about the importance of Blu-ray (more space) and whether Live will someday become a free sevice like the PS3 and Wii's. A little defensive? Or maybe just well rehearsed? The guy is most likely just tired of answering the same questions in which there is no good answer.