SSX - PS3 exclusive Content detailed

EA has shared some additional Infos about the PS3 exclusive Content of SSX.

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Majin-vegeta2454d ago

Is it just me or has PS3 been getting a lot of exclusive things lately??I mean in SF X Tekken we get 5 extra characters and now this either way i can't complaing more bang for our buck.

DigitalRaptor2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

PS3 has been getting quite a few exclusive bonuses, timed or otherwise and I've noticed it since early 2011. Mortal Kombat, Portal 2, L.A. Noire etc.

As a PS3 owner it's nice, but I think's a really sh*t practice generally. Publishers should have more respect than to show the middle finger to half their customer base. It goes both ways. I know it's a common practice, but it's still really sh*tty!

I guess the exception would be if the exclusives are just a matter of circumstance: Kratos in MK because of IP rights, and lack of 360/PC interaction in Portal 2 because of Microsoft's closed service standards.

DrFUD2454d ago

Well I always thought it was shitty that developers had to cut stuff from games to fit on DVD.
And during development every 3rd party game does it, so if only 4 out of 10 games give PS3 something extra what about the other 6 games PS3 owners get shafted on?

Ethereal2454d ago

While I agree its shitty practice, its nice to see Sony working on some small goodies for us because I get screwed by any COD and Bethesda title.

andron2454d ago

Well EA have a history now with exclusive extras and Limited Editions on PS3. Dead Space 2 Battlefield 3 and Medal of Honour comes to mind.

I mean Blu-Ray have all this extra space so I'm glad publishers use it well....

KMCROC542454d ago

This to make up for all exclusive stuff ps3 is not getting for Mass Effect 3, but 360 is.

banjadude2454d ago

Oh wow, that's news to me, what exclusive stuff are 360 fans getting (for ME3)?

Ionvein2454d ago

Exclusive content is always good, from a Playstation 3 owner's standpoint anyways. I'm hoping this game ends up being good and the exclusive content sounds cool.

TopDudeMan2454d ago

Sony's really getting in tight with the multiplatform games now. Usually that's microsoft's bag. First Street fighter X Tekken and now this.

manasteel882454d ago

Should be noted this is only North America. Europe and Japan have it on both systems.

Rampaged Death2454d ago

You're right. Sucks for people in North America ;D

Snookies122454d ago

Yeah, unless you have a ps3 of course. :)

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