United Front Games working on new PS3 title for 2012, possibly ModNation 2

GGTL: "Superannuation has done that thing he does - the one where he splits apart the internet like a Creme Egg and scoops all the delicious goo out for you. And this time, who goo-covered hands (I didn't think that one through) have brought up the delight that the PS3 will get another exclusive in 2012, most probably a ModNation sequel."

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Jamzluminati2548d ago

I'd rather them launch it with the PS4. I've still yet to beat the first one and it seems like a game that should only be done once a gen and just release for DLC.

Abash2548d ago

If they fix the loading times and make the AI a bit more fair than I will get this game

SoapShoes2548d ago

They did greatly reduce the loading times in an update. It's still not great but it's tolerable. It's not like Crash Wrath of Cortex. hahaha

torchic2548d ago

not only loading times, but the user interface, like the menus and stuff. aesthetically the UI was very PS2 era like, very bland, especially when compared to LittleBigPlanet's UI. I know it's a small thing but for me and probably many more it does take away from the game a bit.

TheGrimReaper2548d ago

"They did greatly reduce the loading times in an update."

Not enough -.-"
It is still annoying as hell.

sinncross2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

I dont see any problem with having MNR2 as a PS4 title (depending on when the PS4 launches of course).

If this is MNR2 then awesome, if not ,then great too. Would be interesting to see if they have done any work on a new IP.

MrBeatdown2548d ago

I'd rather see them finish up True Crime (or whatever the name will be changed to). I love the creation aspects of Modnation, but kart racing just isn't my thing.

EliteDave932548d ago

Wasnt True Crime bought by Square enix?

MrBeatdown2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

Yup, but United Front is independent, so they were able to stay on as the developer. They need to change the name to something besides "True Crime" though, since Activision still owns the name.

Dakidog2548d ago

Modnation was great, story line was funny as hell! It was a refreshing competitive as Mario Kart, great weapons, customization & creating was easy and fun.

hellzsupernova2548d ago

i really had a lot of fun with mod nation great game! probably the best kart racer this gen especially when you consider how much you can do with the track editor and car editor and character it really is amazing,

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The story is too old to be commented.