Lost Odyssey: 'A Huge Hit of Nostalgia to RPG Fans' - Game Informer's Import Hands-on

Game Informer writes:
"After our time with the game, we're confident that it will deliver a huge hit of nostalgia to RPG fans. Underneath its shiny façade beats the heart of an old-school RPG. If the idea of peeling back a poster or knocking a tree and finding 100 gold pieces make you scratch your head, you might want to play Lost Odyssey first before buying it. If the idea of playing a game with SNES-era mechanics with modern visuals makes you squeal with delight, however, you're in luck."

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MK_Red4737d ago

Lost Odyssey is the Mistwalker I've been interested since the original trailer was shown (I liked it's style and feel and didn't care much about other RPG, Blue Dragon). Recently the game has recieved a lot of negative previews but this one isn't that bad and hopefully the game can be a fun old-school J-RPG.

ThaGeNeCySt4737d ago

That's pretty much all I'm hoping for... not a fan of the old school "hit & wait" fighting mechanics but if this game can bring me the feeling of Final Fantasy VII with an intriguing story that just sucks you in from beginning to end then I'm all for it (not saying this game will be anywhere near the calibur of FF7 before I get attacked for my comment)


MK_Red4737d ago

1.Agreed but my fave FF is FFVIII.
2.I'll do my share and give you bubbles :)

Darkiewonder4737d ago

But "Loading is a relatively frequent affair, with lengths ranging from acceptable to completely aggravating. They’re especially annoying before every fight, with a 20 second span between the seemingly mandatory initial flash of battle to actual combat. Character posturing and swirling camera effects are great the first few dozen times, but after a while we wished we could skip them altogether in favor of a shorter, plainer loading screen"

If they don't fix this for the NA Release then I don't know. I'll probably still get it but they should try to work on it.