Wii Shortages Hindered Sales, PS3 Closing Gap with Xbox 360

Following the monumental video game sales for November, Jesse Divnich, analyst for prediction market the simExchange has weighed in with some interesting insights.

Although the Wii did sell an impressive 981K units for the month, the total fell short of the prediction market's 1,060,000, which is probably a direct result of the continued shortage. "Nintendo's claims of supply constraints likely played a bigger role in hindering sales than originally expected," noted Divnich.

As for the PS3, Sony's console is seemingly taking baby steps, and slowly but surely gaining on the Xbox 360. "The PS3 sold better than expected against its closest rival, the Xbox 360, which only outsold it by 1.6-to-1 from an expected 1.8-to-1. Sony's recent price cut and introduction of a cheaper 40GB model played a significant role in closing the gap between its console and the Xbox 360," Divnich said.

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pwnsause4738d ago

all I can say about this is, the games that are coming out on the PS3 next year, is going to "close the gap" on the 360, the games that are releasing on the PS3 next year are most wanted games that people want, and they will buy a PS3 for it, im not saying the 360 is going to have a bad library next year, in fact they do have a good library, but its not on the level of the PS3. the games that came out on the PS3 this year were new IPs, we havent even hit proven Ips yet, except for Rachet and clank.
Metal Gear Solid 4 is going to be the game that will change the nature of PS3 sales. Also another key part here is Sony who must resturcture their OS to make the PSN more user friendly and the ability for in-game xmb and rebuilding the PS Store, and yea releasing Home as well. That will get rid of the the Advantage that XBL has, that will attract lots of people to the system.

CyberSentinel4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

This ain't no game.

@2.1: lol.

Maddens Raiders4738d ago

Who are you and where is the guy that usually throws heat rocks from this avatar? If you don't speak up, I'm calling the authorities.

The Killer4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

i thought that 360 put everything in this holiday and i though ps3 is not a lead platform and i heard ps3 doesnt have their big guns out yet, and still it sold more than 360! can someone explain that to me why this happened?? this was not suppose to happened! the 360 was suppose to kill the ps3 this holiday season! WAIT i heard in CNBC that the 360 put the last nail in the ps3 coffin when halo 3 was released!! did u remember that guys? i guess he was daydreaming on live!

harpua4738d ago

damm, the PS3 has yet to release the big guns and already closing the gap.

lonestarmt4738d ago

Yeah I have two friends who are waiting to buy a ps3 when metal gear and final fantasy come out. I think a lot are too. If sony can hit the 299.99 mark by this christmas. Its going to be hard for the 360 to stay in the lead. Honestly though, lol I'm a sony fan,but I rather the 360 be winning that toy, the wii( super mario galaxy was fun though). Sorry wii fans..

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The story is too old to be commented.