New Super Mario Bros. 2: Will Nintendo Make It A Reality?

Chris Buffa (Modojo): Super New Mario Bros.? New Super Mario Bros. 2?

We don't know the title of Nintendo's recently announced 3DS Mario adventure, but we know this much, there's a mysterious 2D Mario game in development.

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greenmeanie2455d ago

I hope they add elements from Super Mario Bros 2 in it. In fact, we need a new villian, so bring back Wart! Bowser is starting to get old, and he dies the same way in every game. I am sorry, but Mario 3D land was boring when it came to bowser. He died the old fashioned way like in Super Mario Bros. Why would he design switches in his castle to destroy bridges?!?!?! You think he would have learned by now.

I want to see the ability to throw vegetables and stuff. And the Tanooki suit needs to come back and allow us to actually FLY this time! I also want the frog suit back!