Wii U to embrace 'Skylanders' type figurine business with NFC

Nintendo President Saturo Iwata made several announcements Thursday night during its presentation to investors such as introducing the Nintendo Network and individual accounts for the Wii U. One of the announcements that came in under the radar was the addition of Near Field Communications (NFC) tech to the Wii U tablet and it's a clear sign that we'll see Nintendo copy Activision's Skylanders business model.

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jacksonmichael2509d ago

That sounds marginally awesome - especially the Smash Bros idea. I wanted a toy Link anyway.

PamPoovey2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

Oh god no.....don't do this gimmick crap Nintendo

You never copy Activisions statergy, they're hated anyway so they don't care what they do towards gamers. Don't go down that path Nintendo....

So much for the Wii U being core.

Is it so hard for Nintendo to NOT rely on gimmicks....

2EHO2508d ago

Please! Gimmick in gaming is something a fanboy uses to hate on a company. I remeber on this very site how many xbox sony gamers said wiimote and motion gaming was a gimmick. I remeber those same people going nuts over the move and kinect. Simply put its a gimmick until your console of choice gets it then its cool. Nintendo are innovators and think of new ways for gamers to play, enjoy, and interact with the product. And believe me Wii U is going to be more hardcore than you can every imagine.

Queasy2508d ago

This is really no different than the aforementioned Skylanders for every current console or the ARG games that everyone raved about for the PSP and PS3 like Eye of Judgement.

Nintendo's characters already make great toys so this can be away to integrate the two markets.

Shackdaddy8362508d ago

It could be cool if its just for little extra things. Like buy a stuffed zelda doll to get a free skin or something.

bergoo2508d ago

sounds like a new club nintendo prize is coming soon!

mike1up2508d ago

Could be cool, but hopefully not too expensive. I am already gaming on a budget.

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