This Battlefield 3 PCcase with a minigun in the front is all you really need

"If you have spent a lot of money on building a good rig, then you surely wouldn’t neglect the case right? I know you will say who cares about a case, but I assure you plenty of people do.
And especially when it’s so awesome like this."

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Bounkass2460d ago

I have quite a few of those red aircraft switches in my car. On a PC is a pretty cool idea!

hiredhelp2460d ago

he has my PSU nice mod case.

Blastoise2460d ago

Where have you been all my life?

ATi_Elite2460d ago

Once i saw the minigun rotate i was impressed.

Once i saw the beverage cooler i was in love.

Once i saw the AMD FX8150 i about puked.

toss an Intel 2500K or 2600K or 2700K in there and it would be awesome!

Urbz78702460d ago

Cooler Master Storm Trooper! Comos II is better case imo.

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