XBLIG Spotlight: Ninja War – Stolen Scrolls (Review and Developer Q&A) | Clearance Bin Review

"If you’ve got three friends and a dollar to spend you may want to pay attention. Let’s face it, your options are pretty limited; you COULD buy a McDouble that the four of you could split, or you could all throw your socks into a dryer and watch them go around for about forty minutes… or you could check out Ninja War – Stolen Scrolls. Ninja War is a side scrolling adventure brawler where you must beat on some enemy forces in a quest to defeat your nemesis and return the ninja scrolls to their proper owner (you). Up to four players can take part in the quest at the same time in this Castle Crashers inspired adventure."

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jetlian2456d ago

I got this lol a few months ago. its not on CC level but playable