Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft made me a PC gamer

Consoles are fine, but PC gaming is becoming increasingly attractive.

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XeoZin2457d ago

I kinda have it the other way around. Always played both consoles and pc, but the last couple of years im almost only playing on consoles. Pc for me dont have that many games..mmo games are filled with rude and annoying people, fps this gen are boring to me, since the lack of freedom. What happened to open fps like duke nukem and doom in the old days? Adventure games which i loved are a dead genre now on pc.

+ Graphics are so overrated. And the diffrence between pc and consoles arent gamebreaking as many thinks.

And theres just something more relaxing laying in the couch with my joypad, playing on the tv. than sitting up front a screen on a working chair.

iNFAMOUZ12456d ago

this story = facepalm, fanboy in disguise

KING852456d ago

I am a console guy myself. I however have recently decided to build a gaming PC myself. Contrary to belief you can hook you PC up to your tv and game from there as well on your couch. Secondly buying games from steam are almost always cheaper than buying console games. Case in point I was able to buy saints row III for $20 on PC compared to $60 on consoles as well as L.A Noire ol for $13 bucks on PC.
What platform is better to game on is debatable and a matter of preference so I am not here to say which one is better. However when you factor in the initial cost of $60 console gaming it adds up. If you're a casual gamer and only buy 2-5 games for the year during the first 2-6 months a game comes out that's $120-$360 because games probably may not be on sale unless it's amazon or such a retailer. The initial cost of a good PC may be between $600-$1000, but games are much cheaper hence it's cheaper investment in the long run. If you buy games for consoles at full price then gaming can be quite expensive especially if you buy a lot. Sure there's the notion that console gaming is a plug n play outfit compared to a set up for the PC. It all boils down to what you think is best. I decided that it's cheaper to build one and play single player games and battlefield on PC and leave exclusives and call of duty to consoles.

Jdub895O2456d ago

i used to be a pc gamer back when ultima underworld, daggerfall, unreal tournament, avp, jedi knight 2, operation flashpoint. Then i became a console gamer when consoles when full online. I might swith back now that prices for video cards are cheap.