MIGS: Realtime Worlds' Wilson Talks Tense Times For Crackdown

At the Montreal Games Summit, Realtime Worlds producer Phil Wilson gave an in-depth postmortem of Crackdown, discussing obstacles encountered and mistakes made during the development. Wilson noted that while he did a postmortem for Game Developer, he wanted to add some other aspects of the game from a different direction, looking at things from a chronological standpoint.

Wilson said the team wanted to go "beyond GTA" – offering free-form play, the feeling of empowerment, responsive and intuitive controls, and "capturing the moment." They wanted to allow the player to create moments such as jumping out of their speeding car, then spinning around and shooting the gas tank, so they aimed to offer lots of "toys" to play with, and also provide "shared experiences," whereby players could talk about the things they did in the game, not that they watched in a cut scene.

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razer4737d ago

People gave if flack because of the Halo 3 beta pack-in but the game managed to stand on it's own legs. It sounds from this article that Crackdown 2 is in the works but Real Time Worlds is not doing it.(?) Which is a shame, because just listening to this guy I think they would make an incredible Crackdown 2 from all that they've learned in the process.

Genuine4737d ago

I totally agree. I just bought Crackdown about 3 weeks ago, and I loved it. I would think MS would bring out Crackdown 2. Hopefully anyway.

gamesblow4737d ago

He sounded like he was unhappy with Microsoft to me... He really didn't care for much of their process it seemed. Anyways, Crackdown was flawed by desing. I'm not a big open world, GTa type gamer anyways, though. I did like how you could beat the game basically when you wanted to, as the last boss was accessible from the get go. "so to speak"

CNIVEK4737d ago's painfully obvious that you simply lack reading comprehension skills. The guy was more frustrated with the final product, but ultimately praised MS, above all else. :o

CNIVEK4737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

your last statements are contradicting.

OOG FunK4736d ago

also if you are not a fan of open world type of games why do you see the need to post any comment at all??

MK_Red4737d ago

Nice find and read. I loved Craskdown even though it was rough around the edges but what open world game isn't.

As for RenderWare 4, I think the problem is that they tried to make use of it in a really early stage. Just like some of the early UE3 adopters.
Still, they game turned out good enough and was really fun. I personally don't like the urban Gansta' sandbox games like GTA and Saits Row much and prefer the different approach of games like Assassin's Creed, Crackdown and such.
Can't wait for the team's next game.

UltramanJ4737d ago

..the most fun I've had with a game this generation (and I own every system, and have played almost every major release for them).
I love how the locales are all unique, and there is literally no place that you can't go. Crackdown is what gaming is all about; pure fun. I want a sequel badly!

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