The Snowfields is a haunting and mysterious free PC game

It’s difficult to know for sure what’s going on in The Snowfields, but this dark student project is a fascinatingly bleak experiment in storytelling.

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admiralthrawn872459d ago

this might be cool, but this whole "its awesome because theres nothing to it" idea might get out of hand. people are praising things for having lack of story or leaving the whole thing open for interpretation.

i think lazy devs are gonna start using that for excuses to not develop a good story and people will see it as artistic.

Jobesy2459d ago

It's free though so how can you complain?

ATi_Elite2459d ago

Games are art!!!

most of them you play but every now and then you get games that you just kinda get immersed in and just enjoy the story and artistic scenery of it.

This is a new genre of gaming that includes Dear Ester and a few other.