CD Projekt RED has announced The Witcher 3 coming to PC, PS3 and 360

Cross-platform simultaneously.

Directly from the press conference published on the official page of Facebook , CD Project RED has officially announced the development of The Witcher 3 on PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

John Mamais, executive director of The Witcher 2, has told the third installment of the series will arrive in the multiplatform, making happy owners of Sony's black monolith.

Has not yet been given a release date on the market, but it's easy to assume that we will see him only in the year 2013.

If anyone of you are wondering if The Witcher II will arrive on PS3, we asked the people concerned but have mouths sewn on the subject, so no confirm nor deny, saying only that "it would be stupid not to do it."


John Mamais has told after the press conference, directly with the journalists. No words leave during the video conference.

Namco Bandai has denied any announcement about The Witcher 3. Sorry

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Pikajew2457d ago

Witcher 3 will also probaly be on Wii U as well because it will be out by the time Witcher 3 comes out

egidem2457d ago

...and there goes the Witcher 2 Xbox 360 exclusivity out the window. It's good to see people focusing more on distributing this awesome game. I was wishing that this awesome game would also be ported to the PS3. Looks like my wish came true.

mafiahajeri2457d ago

Give me Gears of war then well talk...

Anyway good to hear for people interested in this!

ZippyZapper2457d ago

Witcher 2? this news is about Witcher 3.

sikbeta2457d ago


Did they said Witcher 2? nop, says 3 right there man :P

jaosobno2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

It's fake:


Half-Mafia2457d ago

In what way is The Witcher 2 a 360 exclusive. Its been out on PC since May.

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ATi_Elite2457d ago

As long as the PC version gets made first then I'm cool.

I have faith that CD Project Red will make the PC version first then port down.

reznik_zerosum2457d ago

can someone help me with one question,will Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition for PC be available on psychical format like xbox or just as a patch for normal pc version? ty

-Alpha2457d ago

Just like the faith we had in DICE, Bioware, and Crytek?

I am cautious

caboose322456d ago


Yes, just like the first Witcher Enhanced Edition, this one will also be made available for retail on PC.

Letros2457d ago

Awesome, can't wait. These devs put their heart and soul into their games, more people should get the opportunity to experience them.

BrutallyBlunt2457d ago

This is true, brand loyalty needs to go to the waste side. The focus should be on games, not what system you prefer.

ElementX2457d ago

It would be better if they waited for next gen.

Play2Win2457d ago

Next Gen started a long time ago on PC.

BrutallyBlunt2457d ago

This is true, there really is no current generation on the PC as one can upgrade at any time. Technology doesn't stand still for 5-7 years like it does on consoles.

gillri2457d ago Show
Play2Win2457d ago

oh my god you can't be serious gillri ... uncharted 3 ... oh my god. lets forget this my friend

Fishy Fingers2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

Oh grillri.... You and you silly imagination. It won >console< awards for graphics.

h311rais3r2457d ago

Uh gillri uncharted 3 won only because they didn't include any pc games in te category. The majority of pc games look far better than uncharted 3. Get ur head out of ur ps3s ass and accept the facts. Bf3 looks better. Crysis 1 and 2 look better. Witcher 2 looks better and even the new cinemod for half life 2 looks better. Ur dreaming.

pandehz2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

PC gamers please dont feed 'Gillri the Troll'

Everyone knows that a bunch of pc games last year would have won some of the awards if not atleast the graphics awards.

BF3,Crysis 2, Witcher 2, Shogun 2, Rage. Even KZ3 a ps3 game which i love deserved to be in the top list.

But yea hype always gets its way in the video game world so you and I know who won best graphics last year so there's no need to feed the troll. Let the troll move on with its life.

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Kran2456d ago

Fine then. I'm sure you can wait for The Last of Us on the PS4, eh? Since you think out of all the developers, these guys should wait for next gen consoles. Even though it might not come for years yet.

Lucreto2457d ago

Good news

It kinds of blows the idea they can only work on one platform at a time out the window.

Then about Witcher 2 saying "it would be stupid not to do it" points at a time exclusive same as Minecraft and dozens of other exclusives.

MoonConquistador2457d ago

" The focus should be on games, not what system you prefer."

Well said level head, bubs for you.

I've yet to experience the witcher games. Is each a follow on from the last part, and if so, will PS3 players have the chance of catching up with the story from the first game

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