Sega PR's Tali Fischer On Progress, Sweatpants, And Naked Women At The VGAs

Another sector of gaming that MTV Multiplayer wanted to delve into was public relations. There are many, many women working in public relations in general, and gaming is no exception. Currently a public relations manager at Sega of America, the 32 year-old Tali Fischer has been working in gaming PR for eight years. She seems to have had a positive experience overall and doesn't see any sexism within the video games industry:

"I feel like there is this constant scrutiny on everyone's behavior looking for an indication of sexism here. Almost like people outside the industry hope there is more sexism to point a finger at. I don't feel like there is. I do feel like every industry has its politics and every industry has its personality conflicts and every industry has its extreme example of bad interpersonal behavior. But when it comes to video games, there really is no dramatic story of women prevailing over the big bad men."

Read on for Fischer's thoughts on what it's like to work in gaming PR, how the industry has evolved, and speaking with journalists about Lara Croft's breasts…

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