DiRT Showdown - Rampage Gameplay

Get your rampage on and do as much damage as you can before time runs out.

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2456d ago
49erguy2455d ago

Looks great graphically, but I don't see how anyone can have fun crashing in the least.

nutcrackr2455d ago

Wow that looks dumb, see flatout: uc for some fun destruction. Why are they taking the franchise in this direction?

hiredhelp2455d ago

This is all about destruction derby, but thats stupid that bow is hardly big enough to swing a cat.
C'mon think reflexive think bigger i just dont want to see bowls neaither.
step it up codemasters.

chanmasta2455d ago

I think this is a great decision. It's like Super Mario, if you like the side of Mario that is 2D side-scrolling action, play those, if you prefer 3D world platforming action, play them, if you prefer the racing side, play them, etc.

They're still going to make DiRT 4, 5 and 6, so branching off to other areas at the same time sounds awesome.

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