Fall of Resistance

The first Resistance released alongside the PS3 with a bang, becoming the platform’s first game to pass a million sales, and gaining an instant fanbase. Five years on, and developer Insomniac Games have announced that they won’t be making any more games in the franchise. What went wrong?

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knifefight3551d ago

Still wanting to play this series. Never got around to it =/

Sev3551d ago

If you do, definitely start at the beginning and move forward. Although, then you'll have played the best one first.

The first game was so good, by far the best game at the PS3 launch.

doctorstrange3551d ago

Resistance: Fall of Man rocked, definitely my favorite of the trilogy

SoapShoes3551d ago

Best launch game but I liked the 3rd one better. I felt like it took what was good about the 1st and 2nd and combined them while cutting the fat.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3551d ago

They're all fun in their own rights. The first was definitely my fave. In fact it was the game I got my first online multiplayer victory in. I remember it like it was yesterday. Never really got into mp until I got Resistance. Also it had the coolest theme. WW2 with aliens?

Resistance 2 took away too many staples but it did introduce my favorite weapon (marksman). And the co-op was stellar... probably it's selling point. The Magnum was cool too.

There were lots of cool things about Resistance 3. Brought back weapon wheel, darker tones, level up system, cool story (bro), and the graphics and effects were good. But it replaced the fareye with the deadeye (I know why but still it will be missed), They replaced the rocket launcher with an alien rocket launcher, and you can tell that they were really trying to just put the series to rest. Didn't like having to end the trilogy without Hale. The ending was crappy, and it has alot of glitches.

I still like resistance and I hope nihilistic does it justice on ps4. But as it stands Fall of man is still the best. Wonder if anyone still plays it online.

Pintheshadows3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

"Wonder if anyone still plays it online."
It had a resurgence after the dual pack was released.

I like all 3 games. They are all quite different to one another. Like a trilogy of films each with a different director trying to go in their own direction.

I don't think the series is dead, but I think it will be a while before we see another full fledged Resistance. Perhaps by then it will be a reimagining by a new developer.

SoapShoes3551d ago

R3's ending felt right though. It may have not been great but it finally wasn't a cliffhanger and much better than Resistance 2's ending.

saladthieves3551d ago

Like the guys up stated, the first one (Resitance: Fall of Man) is still the best Resistance of the three in my opinion because of its kickass awesome single player campaign!

I still have the original game I bought at the PS3/game launch and it holds a special place on my shelf.

I also tried replaying the MP, but for some weird reason it doesn't work. Any idea if the servers were shut down or something?

dragonyght3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

if a formula works keep it looks likes Insomniac never got around that.

kma2k3551d ago

Looks like the Chimera ended up winning. Guess Deadalus was right, we were doomed!

TheFallenAngel3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

Its Insomniac's fault. They ruined the series, Fall of Man was the best in the series. It actually kept the the "resistance" feeling. Making the sentinels killed the whole series. Hale should have kept the whole thing as the only survivor.

drdre743551d ago

well i hope they do well without being Sony exclusive. Ninja Theory thought jumping ship would be great thing and it back fired. Enslaved sucked and didn't sell!

Pikajew3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

Ninja theory made one exclusive for Sony, so I really wouldn't call them an exclusive team
Same with Quantic Dream they made one exclusive and people think they only make Sony exclusives, and according to Wikipedia they aren't working on any game.

CGI-Quality3551d ago

Quantic Dream are said to only be making PS3 exclusives for right now (Wiki isn't always the best source for reference). They have two projects, although codenamed, in the works exclusively for PS3 (Fiv5 & Infraworld). Still irrelevant here though, because Insomniac never said they were done making Sony exclusives. They said they weren't making Resistance titles anymore.

doctorstrange3551d ago

Quantic have signed an exclusivity deal with Sony for their next game

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