KojiPro comments on Fox Engine’s next-gen compatibility, efficiency and more

Kojima Productions comments on the Fox Engine’s compatibility with next-generation consoles, increased efficiency it offers for development and more.

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Solid_Snake372456d ago

im 100% sure that demo for the Fox engine is MGS: Outer Heaven its gotta be...

zerocrossing2455d ago

Going back in time and infiltrating Outer Heaven as a younger Snake, couldn't ask for more.

Solid_Snake372455d ago

my friend, i hope Kojima hears you

360ICE2456d ago

God made earth in seven days, but we spend several years making game engines. We need to up the pace to keep up with God. Maybe lay down on the socialism.

MasterCornholio2455d ago

"How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don't think."

Yep this is why socialism exists.


360ICE2455d ago

Did I actually say that? I don't even know what's going on right now.

tarbis2455d ago

Whatever you're smoking it's too strong for you. Lay off.

tiffac0082455d ago

Bro just tell us if you need an intervention, we will find professional help for you. lol! XD

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trenso12454d ago

i just hope if they make mgs5 that MGO wont be so stupid. why didnt they just update the game like other games. and that ps3 only having one free character was also stupid