Final Fantasy XIII-2 to get episodic DLC

Opening up the week of CES was our big gala premier party with SPIKE TV and FINAL FANTASY XIII-2. In attendance were the magnanimous Yoshinori Kitase (Producer: FINAL FANTASY XIII-2) and Motomu Toriyama (Director: FINAL FANTASY XIII-2). Between brief conversations about the nature of community as well as various demonstrations of the game in play both on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles, these two enjoyed a much deserved night off at the Tryst Nightclub in the Wynn Las Vegas Hotel.

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Capt-FuzzyPants2456d ago

I really hate DLC. But if there is a FF13-3 DLC would be a great way to keep me up to date on what happened to Sazh Lightning and all of the other characters in FF13 so that they are playable in 13-3. It would probably make the story better too. Hopefully it's not too expensive though.

Ddouble2456d ago

Yea I thought this will be the plan instead of another sequel.

GraveLord2456d ago

Not planning on buying any DLC for this game.

adorie2456d ago

I grow weary of FFXIII and XIII-2 related information, I want to see and know more about Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

I'm starting to agree that it should just be a main FF, FFXV.

DarkBlood2456d ago

well i already decided to wait on this game based on the first one getting really cheap over time even though i bought it day one and enjoyed it

however this just went to not waiting for the game to waiting for the complete edition waiting for me