Nintendo 3DS versus PlayStation Vita

Whenever there are two pieces of hardware in a marketplace, the first question people ask is: "which is better?"

Über-fans take sides, shout at one another IN CAPITAL LETTERS on forums, and the whole thing becomes quite tiresome. So, at Pocket Gamer, we thought we'd wade into the discussion one more time on the latest handheld consoles from Sony and Nintendo to deliver our verdict.

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supremacy2553d ago

Oh here we go again, this never gets old.

But to me it seems like everytime these two platforms are compared, they are always trying make it sound as if both are equal.

Reality is...they are not.

The vita far exceeds the 3DS in many areas technically speaking, the graphics arent the same and no 3D doesnt make up for inferior graphics.

Its visual for visual, sound for sound, input for input and not what you may feel makes up for lack off...jeez stick to the script.

However, I will say both platforms are great in their own ways. But to make it seem as if they are somehow equal I wont.

Colwyn2553d ago

Ps vita - ps3
3ds - Gamecube

Pikajew2553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

The Vita is not as powerful as the PS3, if it was than Uncharted will look much better on it. We will soon see articles comparing all the games.

BrutallyBlunt2553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

Ignore Colwyn, she is just another fangirl. Obviously the Vita is more powerful but again it all comes down to the actual software. This is why the DS beat out the PSP. It will be interesting how things transpire this time as Vita games look both beautiful with some unique experiences. Games like Uncharted don't interest me on Vita (i'll play them on my Playstation 3 thanks) but the games that are different do. Hopefully this time Sony has learned that handheld games need to be handheld experiences, not cramming a console game on a handheld like we saw on the PSP.

Tanir2553d ago


thats the thing dude, 3ds has had no gaames until very recently. half a year later and we have about 4 good games on the 3ds?

and i think im stretchin it still.

the vita is launching with a ton of great games, far more than the 3ds will have in a year of being out

BrutallyBlunt2553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )


Why compare then to now? When Vita arrives people will then make their choice based on price and what each offers. People don't walk into Best Buy and ask the salesperson what was on the 3DS last year so they can compare each library of games based solely on what launch titles were available. They make their informed purchases on what's current.

Colwyn2553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

Always remember that whatever the 3ds can do the ps vita can do way better except 3d. It doesn't matter how much someone touts the graphics in resisent evil, monster hunter, kid icarus or whatever, the game could look 6 times better on the ps vita. The ps vita has a better screen, bigger screen, better sound quality, better camera, two analog sticks, better touch screen tech, back touch pad and other things. It's a better picture if someone posted the specs for both handheld

The ps vita has more ram than a ps3 or xbox 360 so it has a lot of potential to do more than those consoles when developers get useto the hardware. The launch games on the ps vita isn't a clear representation of what the handheld is capable of because I'm quite sure when they started uncharted golden abyss in 2008 Sony didn't finalize the specs of the device. Developers had to work within the guidelines of low spec predictions to make sure the system would be able to hand the game when specs are finalized.

The 3ds is nice but the ps vita is way better. Only thing the 3ds fans can tout about are the exclusives but logic would dictate that if you care more about high specs and high quality game tech a person would rather the vita. Whenever I hear a 3ds or wii fan tout about graphics it makes me laugh. A person can like the graphics of whatever game they want but to tout about it shows something else.

BrutallyBlunt2553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

Oh so now Colwyn wants to play the old it can be better on such and such. Well guess what fangirl, any Playstation 3/XBOX360 title can look and play way better on the PC, now what? The hardware is only as good as the software.

Get your head out of Sony's ass and stop posting. You're making all of us Playstation 3 owners look desperate. As for your comment about RAM on the Vita you obviously know nothing about game development.

Highlife2553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

What is the point of even arguing this. Get what you want. Get both, get one, I don't care. My son got a 3ds he loves it. Don't think vita would interest him since he loves mario games. My other son would like them both, and I would like Vita more. But who cares you shouldn't I don't. People get what they get.

Razongunz2553d ago

ps vita is a little less powerful than a ps3
3ds is a little less powerful than a Wii

moparful992553d ago

@levelhead Consumers aren't stupid.. They will have at least a little knowledge about the products before walking into a store.. And coming from experience they will be inclined to ask someone at the store about the two.. They will want to know whats out now and whats coming out in the future.. When I worked in the media department at my best buy and someone was browsing for a game console I would start by asking them what they wanted in terms of games.. Of course everybody knows mario so they lean towards nintendo due to brand recognition.. But I would then list of the advantages and disadvantages of both systems and let them decided.. You make it sound like just because someone walks into a store and they see mario 3d land, mario kart 7, and kid iccarus that they are gonna ignore everything else and buy a 3ds.. With the way the economy is NOW people are more informed than ever before...

rexbolt2553d ago

better camras? there pretty much the same sept 3ds can video record and taked 3d pics better touch? um if u ask me i perfer the 3ds touch dont need to scrach up my screen as for sound i think 3ds sound blows as for rear touch screens its tacky and useless undeed trash to ramp up the price

ronin4life2553d ago

@ colwyn
"can do" and "does do" are pretty different.
The vita may possibly Perhaps play those or similar games in the far future, but the 3ds is definitly doing those things now or real soon and cheaper.

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MasterCornholio2553d ago

I don't want to start a fight but i will state this.

Both platforms are not equal there's one who's hardware design is clearly better than the other.

I will leave the rest up to you.


Stealth2k2553d ago

thank god hardware is irrelevant when talking about what system gets better games in the end.

supremacy2553d ago

This comment just reminded me of the Super Nintendo vs Genesis and Dreamcast vs PlayStation 2.

Both non sega platforms were far better the ps3 have the better games.

But ofcourse what defines better is subjective anyways.

Sales is another thing altogether and while they are important, they are why we buy platforms now are they?

Ps3 is far more powerful than the wii, and to my knowledge has the better games, but again what better subjective.

Both of these platform have their ports and remakes out and coming and yes both have a variety of games out and coming to choose from.

2 mario games, a monster hunter and a resident evil, big deal,after what? a whole year that was nothing but a drought.

The vita launched in japan with a fair amount of games far more impressive than the 3DS did. If both platforms launched on the same day given what we already know, the 3DS would have been in trouble. So the vita launch games didnt appeal the japanese. That is still a far more impressive list than what the 3DS had to offer all year round.

Vita's lineup will most likely appeal those out in the west and fare better.

"Thank god Hardware is irrelevant"

Yet an add on was needed and released for monster hunter.

whitezagetsu712553d ago

Oh I would just looooove to here your take on the WIIU vs PS3 vs XBOX360 fanboy cause your comment funny

nintendo fanboys-"WIIU better have1GB or 2GB of ram"
its fun to read fanboy hypocrisy

BlmThug2553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

The PSV will get the better games though. Remember multiplatforms always outnumber exclusives and Sony has more exclusives than Nintendo and also has tons more support from third party developers than Nintendo so PSV wins in the Games department too. Only thing the 3DS has is piss poor 3D which makes you nauseous and if you move your head, the effect is gone. The PSV absolutely demolishes the 3DS

ronin4life2553d ago

If you have actually been following both consoles, you'd know that the 3ds actually has as much or if not More support than the vita.

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Pikajew2553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

Both systems are good in their own way. They both have different games and some people will prefer the 3DS and some will prefer the Vita and some will like both.

mcstorm2553d ago

Well said I was just about to put this. I also dont think people look at the 3ds as having that much power but Look at the new Res game and wow it has some power behind it when a developer looks at it right.

I like both consoles but for me I still see the PSV too big for a handheld. I really wish they had gone down the design of the PSPGO it was small enough to go in the pocket and bigenough to hold when playing. But UC dose look like it could be a day one buy for me on the PSV.

Optical_Matrix2553d ago

Lets just get this out of the way shall we. The PS Vita's hardware is designed so much better than the 3DS'. As is the OS and the overall infrastructure of the machine. Really looking forward to getting my hands on it in February, as are many others here I'd imagine.

However the 3DS' hardware is competent and I still like it. Get the right developers on the machine and the results are fantastic. I've been playing Resident Evil Revelations for the past few days and I cannot believe how good it looks. If anything, what the 3DS has going for it right now, is the games.

I already have 8 (Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition, Ocarina of Time 3D, Rayman 3D, Rabbids 3D, Super Mario 3D Land, Tales of the Abyss, Mario Kart 7 and Resident Evil: Revelations), and before march, where I will have had my 3DS for a year exactly, I'll have a few more. Not sure about you but for me it's unheard of for myself to buy 8 games within a consoles first year on the market. So props to Nintendo. I hope Vita can delivers must have software in the future too.

Basically, if you own at least one, you'll be happy. Own both? Even better. They're both great systems in their own right and make up for what the other lacks.

Fishy Fingers2553d ago

It's a bit like comparing the Wii with either the PS3/360... Rather pointless, yet we still feel compelled to write the same damn arguments time and time again.

Game3s2553d ago

I don't know how someone like you have so much bubbles.

Game3s2553d ago


No just wondering how someone that is biased is given such a high rating in bubbles o.o

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