Look out for the new Blu-DVD or is it HD-Ray ?

Blu-Ray and HD-DVD as one, a hybrid, is it possible. Well according to 2 Warner Engineers it is.

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clayton5851d ago

I don't plan on buying either in the near future, but if I did it would be a HD-DVD player, because DVD are an excellent medium and I believe HD-DVD is the way to go. I doubt this will happen, if it does, I will never buy a disc with all three mediums on it. Talk about confusing the average consumer.

T-Rac5851d ago

i must admit when i read the article i was a tad stumped :p

DOLBY DI GA TAL pf5851d ago

What about cost im not paying for Blu-ray or anything Sony for that matter. They jumped the gun and people are worried no one cares for this tech yet. ^^^ I agree HD-DVD will pull ahead >from price and name alone<.

PS360WII5851d ago

Doesn't seems to be there anymore

T-Rac5851d ago

Sorry bout that mate, article title was changed for some reason and so the source code changed

fixed now

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The story is too old to be commented.