25 Most anticipated games of 2012 - Part Five: Shooters

Part 5 of the series of the most anticipated games of 2012. Saving possibly the best for last, these are the TOP 5 Shooters to look forward to this year. Awesome.

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DesVader2454d ago

I don't think there is one of these games on the list that I am not looking forward to playing and I would HATE to choose my favourite one, but I think I would go for Bioshock Infinite.

Hashman2454d ago

Definitely looking forward to Max Payne 3!!!! Going to be awesome :D

DesVader2454d ago

DO you think that Dust514 and Prey 2 should have been on the list?

ringojelly2454d ago

Far and above any of these games (that will most likely be middling mediocre experiences) I am awaiting the launch of Dust514

Choc_Salties2454d ago

Dust 514 is something I'm looking forward to, mainly because I also play in the EVE universe, but its not on the list - XCOM plz

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