Hardware sales figures for 2011 revealed - 360 and PS3 both sell 11 million

GB : check out the sales figures for 2011 courtesy of Nintendo.

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Abash2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

Huh? I thought Microsoft sold 10 million 360s in just the Holidays? Another sketchy sales claim from MicroSoft contradicted

smashcrashbash2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

I think I remember that.Sony said they sold 4 million I think and people were going on about how Microsoft sold 11 million or something and were going on about how it was nothing compared to how much Microsoft sold during the holidays.

So either it is some sort of mistake or mix up or an outright lie by someone.How could they sell that many during the holidays and hardware sales still only add up to 11 million for 2011? @ Godchild1020 so they might have padded their numbers with Kinect only sales? Sounds like something Microsoft would do.

DeathAvengers2482d ago

Yeah! It does sound like something they would do, that evil company! Oh, I'm that 1 dissagree BTW.

CarlitoBrigante2481d ago

BBbb... Bbbbbbbuuu bbbbuuuuttt... Microsoft said Kinect sold 1 trillion copies on Black Friday and 360 sold more then the population of China...


America=/=world once again

DeadlyFire2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

Solid Snake. They have HALO 4. haha.

I think another Froza as well.
Gotta at least be one exclusive for X360 at E3 I believe.

It would be nice if Microsoft did a little more to promote its PC and Xbox 360 platforms with some high quality exclusive IPs. They invented Xbox and left poor PC industry out in the cold. Now its run entirely by Valve it seems and noone minds that at all. I think most actually love it that way. Microsoft has no interest in even in its decade old properties. I know I love Valve.

darthv722481d ago

until there is a decisive winner between these two platforms.

Where is this line in the sand that has yet to be crossed and we have declared a victor?

I have to ask....does it really matter?

Oh and to solid_snkake: it sells because in popular culture that is what things do. No matter if it is better or worse than something else. Marketing generates appeal and appeal generates sales.

Straight up business 101. It isnt about who is better its about who can sell it better.

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Godchild10202482d ago

I think that was combined with kinect only sales. I could be wrong, but the sales figures are great for both Sony and Microsoft. Can wait to see how the numbers pan out for 2012.

TheXgamerLive2481d ago

in 2011, MS out sold Sony I believe 11 out of 12 months straight.

Well, some writers/websites just wanna get hits be it truth or lie.

phinch2481d ago

you quite clearly arent talking world wide are you?

GribbleGrunger2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

yeah that's the problem. MS did outsell the PS3 in America for 11 out of 12 months straight, but Sony outsold it worldwide. i, and many others, keep pointing this out but for some reason MS fans seem to ignore it (or want to). i also called foul on the sales that MS announced around Christmas, but again, fans REALLY believed that MS had stretched the lead back to 6 million sales! dues to the fact that since Christmas the PS3 has outsold the 360 every week, the gap is now 3 million and that gap will shrink even more by next Christmas... or, IMO, PS3 will actually be in front. at which point MS fans will conveniently consider this gen over anyway.

CarlitoBrigante2481d ago

Even your fake VGChartz numbers had PS3 beating the 360, that said is infamous for underestimating PS3 sales.

Time and time again Sony always smash their numbers by publishing quarterly sales.

PS3 sold more then 360 this year, PS3 is the most popular console outside the US.

DebateMaster2481d ago

lol the gap is around a million now.

BubloZX2481d ago

only in the US my friend. ps3 had been outselling the 360 worldwide until the holidays.

kaveti66162481d ago

" i, and many others, keep pointing this out"

Maybe that's the problem to begin with.

There's a lot of pointing fingers from both sides about people playing the sales game.

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Karooo2482d ago

PS3 would have topped, but 360 got a boost in the US. :\

The Meerkat2481d ago

360 would have topped, but PS3 got a boost in Japan. ;\

Why o why2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

these great sales wont matter to me if sony ms or nintendo just drop support. Hopefully we will see some new ips from ALL of the console makers not just a couple...thats one of the factor support is made up of and next gen being around the corner shouldnt mean some mega slowdown. These sales are healthy and ms have made huge strides since their first gen...cant knock that part.

kneon2481d ago

The gap between them in the US is much bigger than the PS3's lead in Japan. The PS3 leads because it sells more pretty much everywhere except the US.

But there are a couple problems with these numbers, first they are all estimates, second they don't include the rest of the world.

Just wait for the earnings reports, it's the only really accurate sales data available.

SheenuTheLegend2481d ago

you would have a brain, but Xbox gave u a arrow to the knee

DragonKnight2481d ago

@Kneon: "The gap between them in the US is much bigger than the PS3's lead in Japan."

Excuse me, what? You're joking right? The 360 practically doesn't sell AT ALL in Japan, but the PS3 sells decently enough in the U.S. There is a monumental gap between the PS3 and the 360 in Japan, far greater than the gap between them in the U.S.

Seriously? You really think that the gap is bigger in the U.S. than in Japan? Wow.

skrug2481d ago



360 – 11.0 = 7.3 | 3.7| 0.1

PS3 – 11.0 = 4.5 | 4.9 | 1.5

7.3 - 4.5 = 2.8
1.5 - 0.1 = 1.4

2.8 > 1.4

Oner2480d ago (Edited 2480d ago )

What I find funny is how there seems to be info that is omitted as to the percentage of how many more sell. That is the REAL telling of facts here as Dragon & others are implying/saying ~

US PS3 sales = 4.5
US 360 sales = 7.3

PS3 sales of 4.5 is 61% of the 360's sales of 7.3, thus sales ARE there and good compared to ~

JP 360 sales = 0.1
JP PS3 sales = 1.5

360 sales of .1 is JUST 6% of the PS3's sales of 1.5, thus your "point" just helped PROVE what has been said here more so than disprove it.

I could go on and breaking it down even more to emphasize/show how that translates to attachment rates of not only the console to person ratio but also game sales (plus not just for 1 year, from launch to date) and etc...but I would hope there is a point where those who try and make BS up see that their "point" is untrue & invalidated when looked/explained with a proper viewpoint with all the information available at hand, and not just with what they want to be known.

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Ezio20482482d ago

hmmm...that's a very rare figure to come up with.

well...congratz to both Sony & MS.

Majin-vegeta2482d ago

You know this is gonna get hot.

OT:Damn Sony got some major sales guess those bundles did they're work.

k-dillinger2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

when offical numbers hit you'll see ps3 yet again outsells 360 ww like always u.s cant keep them afloat with that much and to be honest if it wasn't for the u.s xbox would have been gone years ago.

mintaro2482d ago

And if it wasn't for the sun we'd be dead.

Why o why2481d ago

*nods*. True, not even the cell processor or xbl could live without it;)

uso2482d ago

The PS3 was the number 1 selling console until Out., and for Out. to Dec. was the 3 best selling, this in vgchartz.
Lets see when sony release the official numbers.
My gess is PS3 in front of the Xbo360 by 1 million

Oner2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

It's gonna be close...either way those who make bold BS claims like the PS3 is "dead last" are in for a surprise real soon.

thedude442481d ago

you said it k-dillinger