What Computers Have Over Consoles

But still owning a Windows PC is not without a high degree of maintenance. Its not like you need to wash and wax it or anything, but it does tend to completely destroy itself over time. With the old Dos operating system I was used to, PCs were fairly robust with their one major problem being the conventional memory limitation. But once Windows 95 came around everything changed. Nowadays Windows PCs seem to simply self destruct every once in a while whether by their own DLL nature, or by the will of an ominous email sender.

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darthv722460d ago (Edited 2460d ago )

pc will always have the edge due to being modular and customizable.

Consoles have an edge in that a closed platform ensures the game plays the same on every unit that it is released on within that platform. ie: halo will play the same on one 360 as it will the next one but you dont have that consistency with a game on the pc.

Both have their strengths and weaknesses.