Should The Military Use Video Games to Help Recruit?

Military recruitment is an odd thing in the UK. It takes a fairly familiar pattern, promoting all the best parts of a job while leaving out the worst. The hard work will be fun work. When it comes to the army though, rather than McJobs or office life, you know that the bad side of the job isn’t just that the fryer needs cleaned out or the toner changed in the copier, it’s that death is a genuine occupational hazard.

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QuodEratDemonstrandm2458d ago

People playing CoD and Battlefield then signing up to be front line infantry would be like me auditioning for Metallica after playing an hour of Guitar Hero. Or getting a job as an airline pilot after playing Flight Simulator.

Beating CoD doesn't mean your aim is good.
Beating Wii Golf doesn't make you Tiger Woods
Beating Apples to Apples doesn't make you a farmer
Watching UFC won't make you any harder.
Friends on MySpace won't make you a musician
Beating operation doesn't make you a physician
Watching CSI doesn't make you a detective
Playing Mario Paint doesn't mean you have perspective
Beating Gears of war doesn't make you Winston Churchill
Quoting 90s sitcoms doesn't make you Steve Urkel
Grand theft Auto doesn't make you a player
playing SimCity doesn't make you a mayor
Beating Rock Band doesn't mean you can rock
Beating Tony Hawk doesn't make you Tony Hawk
American Idol won't make you a star
Beating Guitar Hero doesn't mean you play guitar.