Miyamoto: Wii U won't be just about enhanced visuals, but graphics will be important for Zelda

Nintendo comments on the implementation of graphics for Nintendo's next console.

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Lord_Sloth2509d ago

So long ass I can use my buttons again, I'm good.

Jirachi2509d ago

I agree here i liked wii motion plus but we don't need to be forced to use only it if we have to use it make as if it were the gcn and wii versions of tp combined into one game.

Make it an option to use if we want but never force it on us.

Fylus2509d ago

I've gotta be honest... A next-gen Zelda game is the only reason I care at all for Wii-U. It'll be so amazing...

DeathAvengers2509d ago

Not really the only reason I care, but agreed. I NEED MOAR PIKMIN

RedDead2509d ago

Super smash, monster hunter(Should be on Ps3 too but whatever) Xeno***** whatever teh next one is, the last story successor or whatever he's making

Fylus2509d ago

Okay, I'll give you guys SSB and Pikmin :P

But still. Hardcore Zelda geek right here lol

mike1up2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

I hate to be "this guy" (just kidding, I actually love being "this guy") but Nintendo already said that the next Zelda will use motion plus controls similar to Skyward Sword.

Lord_Sloth2509d ago

Yes, but they didn't say I wouldn't have the option of just using buttons so I'm still keeping my fingers crossed.

ChickeyCantor2509d ago

You won't have the option.
This would mean you will have to compromise for gamedesign concepts.

They said that they couldn't get everything in Zelda:SS.

You're out of luck xD

Spinal2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

If they bring that next gen Zelda shown in the tech demo then i will buy the Wii U.

Ness-Psi2508d ago


so long ass?

wheres it going?

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-Mika-2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

Im still not buying this at launch. Im no longer confident in nintendo after the 3ds.

Shok2509d ago

What happened with the 3DS exactly?

Joegrine202509d ago

He probably juss said that to cause confusion. buh lemme tell him this. the vita ain't doing so well. And i want the Vita to strive. Mika man juss stop yo.

-Mika-2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

The sudden price drop.

Screen size is way too small. It 2012. I didn't mind the small screen on the ds since the games weren't exactly high quality but now. It way too small. I imagined myself playing RE:revelations on that thing and i am not liking the image.

Lack of games. There only 4 titles i see on the 3ds that i want. There is just not alot of good games for the system.

Overall it still not a good system. It really lacking alot of things. It just feels like an DS 1.5 with a serious lack of games. Compared to the vita, it just feels so last gen. From the screen size to the interface. Everything is just lacking on the 3ds.

AWBrawler2509d ago

grasping for straws. seriously what makes the Vita so much better than the 3DS or even the PSP? heck, its just now having touch controls.

Megaman_nerd2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

with just the sudden price drop I wouldn't call his comment grasping at straws. >_0

And what makes the Vita better than the 3DS? Everything. Cross-game chat, robust online service, OLED screen, big screen, more games at launch, better graphics, more ergonomic design, etc, etc, etc....

NellyNel_7_1_32509d ago

A lot of people are still angry/pissed about the 3ds poor launch line-up/price drop at the last minute...

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PopRocks3592509d ago


Really. I got the 3DS before the price drop and I got twenty games for it; most of which later adopters may never even get, paid or otherwise.

There's a wide variety of choices out right now (Star Fox, Zelda, Mario, Sonic Generations, Resident Evil) and to come (Kid Icarus, Luigi's Mansion, Paper Mario, Monster Hunter). The 3DS is what it was when it first launched; an investment and a promise for great experiences to come. Yes, the wait time was sluggish but if Nintendo provides a hefty launch lineup for the Wii U then where's your primary complaint? Certainly not hardware malfunctions, Nintendo is not known for that at all.

Do yourself a favor and take a 3DS out into a social environment where you are bound to find other 3DS users (perhaps a games convention) and complete one of the puzzle pieces for StreetPass and then look at the graphics. They're no worse than what you can find on the Wii. Hell, Capcom was able to get RE5 running on it.

The 3DS, like the Vita is a jump in handheld technology and is a brilliant expansion to what the DS originally brought to gaming. To call it nothing more than a DS 1.5 is an egregious understatement.

In the end, you're entitled to your opinion, but then so am I to think that you're dead wrong.

despair2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

I don't agree with you but I know its just more my personal taste than the system itself. I have played Star Fox and Zelda to death on the N64 (over a dozen times beaten for star fox and seven for OoT) and no way can I see myself buying them over again no matter how much they claim they "improved" them.

I have also been playing mario since donkey kong days and I am down right fed up with it. Every time they make a new revolution to the old plumber (Mario world, rpg and 64 are the only true great evolutions) they then fall back to nostalgia and micro-improvements.

Sonic and Resident Evil never interested me and the new iterations don't change that one bit, kid icarus looks decent but I worry about the awkward control scheme that people say hurt your hand (never gonna use that stand). Luigi Mansion 2 is definitely an interesting one and for me paper mario just reminds me of how much I miss Mario RPG and never played a monster hunter game before so I'm open to that.

Thing is that not a single one of those game you mention are anything out of the norm, it doesn't need to be a new franchise (of which your list has none) but they all stay safe and give us things we've played and done before.

Nostalgia only goes so far with me and so far other than Kid Icarus, luigi mansion 2 and maybe monster hunter(all three of which are passable and not a system seller to me) there isn't a single game you mentioned that I would truly want to get the system to play.

Titanz2509d ago

BC with NDS games?

It's a lot easier to say, "I'm not a Nintendo fan."

Gr812509d ago

Just keep the games visuals like the demo showed at E3 last year that's a start. Secondly cut the fluff out of Zelda and focus more on combat, growth, and exploration.

2EHO2509d ago

Those graphics were made in short period of time with the underclocked units. When you see final product its going to BYM!

BlmThug2509d ago

Proof? Or just baseless assumptions?

GamingTruth2509d ago

would love to see smash bros and donkey kong and mario in good graphics

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