Videogamer Review: Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice

Videogamer writes:

"Is it me or is the PSP getting a whole lot more interesting now, some two years after it was originally released by Sony? I have to admit to not being a massive fan of the handheld in its early days.

I felt the quality of its games, which for me is the most important thing, was substandard. Bar a few exceptions most of its titles felt like simple ports of PS2 games that didn't suit the portable gaming format nor did justice to their original source."

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PS360WII4737d ago

heh you know when a preview for this game was out on the PSN I wanted it then and looks like it's turning out to be a good call ^^

HeartlesskizZ4737d ago

I like the gameplay looks fun to jump from a car to another one

Skerj4737d ago

It's like the PSP was reborn with that slim release, I'm loving it and I hope it keeps up too.