Starhawk Will Not Support 3D Due To Sacrifices

TheParanoidGamer: President of LightBox Interactive, Dylan Jobe discusses his thoughts about about 3D support in gaming and his future plans for it.

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BXbomber2457d ago

thank god! that one of the things i feel uncharted 3 looked downgraded due to the stupid 3d crap...i bet U3 multiplayer would of looked waaay better if it wasn't for the 3d.

DarkBlood2457d ago

what if the 3D came in a large optional update instead?

Nitrowolf22457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

It would be to big of an update then that no one would want to waste their time with, even if it was optional.

The 3D file on Killzone 3 literally took up half the space of the 41 GB disc. it's in the comments

Nitrowolf22456d ago

@ The disagree's

really? It's been confirmed to be that large
Why in the world would anyone want to download a patch that large, even if it is optional. Any idea how long that would take?
DC Universe patch is big enough and that took hours

Nitrowolf22457d ago

Yeah I'll agree.
I'm pretty sure by next gen this issue will be resolved and developers won't need to downgrade any areas because of 3D.

GamingTruth2457d ago

the thing is its always a case of why give up any ground, the better you can make the game let that be even if you had a render farm i would still hold that true

ambientFLIER2455d ago

"I'm pretty sure by next gen this issue will be resolved and developers won't need to downgrade any areas because of 3D."

Not going to happen. 3D will ALWAYS require extra processing power versus 2D, which means the 2D image/framerate will always be bettter. Unless, of course, every game will be in mandatory 3D next gen.

KingSlayer2457d ago

How much was your bionic eye?

SoapShoes2457d ago

Then how do you explain the single player looking so well when it also supported 3D? I'm willing to bet multiplayer looked slightly downgraded if it weren't for split screen support.

Tapewurm2457d ago

Too bad. I bought the 3D display and think Uncharted 3, Killzone 3, and Resistance 3 looked amazing in 3D.....I think all games should support the feature. Gran Turismo 5,MotorStorm Apoc., Sonic Generations, The Fight Lights Out, Socom 4, Mortal Kombat, House of Dead Overkill, and WipeOut HD are all amazing in 3D..... truly brings something new to the gaming experience. More immersive by far.

DA_SHREDDER2456d ago

I can't imagine playing KZ3 without my 3D. Reality sucks.

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LettingGo2457d ago

That's a bit of a shame, since I'm really enjoying the 3D tv I got from Black Friday. :) The game does look gorgeous though and I can't wait to play it!

Action GO FIGURE2457d ago

Great. 3D is a bit of a gimmick.

suicidalblues2457d ago

Easy to say if you don't have it. But some games look INCREDIBLE in 3d.

But what am I saying, of course you know that or you wouldn't be commenting. /s

Action GO FIGURE2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

I do know that.

*I watched the premiere of Avatar in 3D
*I tested a 3DTV at an electronics store.

And it was a disappointment.

Also "some games." I wouldn't spend hundreds on a 3DTV just play "some games."

I'm a gamer. I care more about them improving the gameplay mechanics rather than sacrificing them just for slightly improved visuals. 3D doesn't really add anything else but nausea and headaches.

1Victor2457d ago

lol its soooo gimmick that there is a 3D tooth paste commercial and more movies are coming out or been remade in 3D, man up and buy the damn tv once you have it you'll love it .I would have loved starhawk in 3D D D but not if it would gimped the game

joab7772457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

Please. Do nor ever use money, time, or precious space and $ on 3D. It isn't worth it. It just is not. Does it look cool...sometimes...and that isn't enough. When you can make me feel like bullets are flying past my head or rain is falling all around me, then maybe, but only if it benefits gameplay such as immersion. If its gimmicky or simply changes depth perception as so many do, it isn't worth the trade off. I like the idea of an optional upgrade. It mat not b feasible now but atleast it doesn't affect the products potential. Imagine what killzone 3 could have been had they not had to focus so much time, money, and energy on 3D and the move. They were gimmicky at best. What i care about is gameplay, story, multiplayer etc. Imagine if they could have created a 25+ hour campaign delving into my favorite fps universe. Imagine if the greatest enemy ever created could have been fully realized. Imagine if instead of launching with 3 maps for my favorite multi mode, they released 10. Then it could have been the Juggernaut i always dreamed it could be. It could have been the new marquee Sony game for next Gen. Look how damned good it was w so many resources going to irrelevent ideas. I feel bad for the company because i love killzone. The same goes for resistance. Both were phenomonal games that could have been legendary. I don't know if 3D or move r the reason they were short and ultimately unfulfilling but it could not have helped.

bobtheimpaler2457d ago

Totally agree. 3D and move royally messed up KZ3. They could have made the game more responsive without dumbing down the 20+ variables for calculating ballistics making each weapon feel more unique like in KZ2. They could have kept MP at 32 players and they wouldn't have had to ditch the squad system in KZ2. Environmental textures could have been greatly improved but the environment textures and particle effects are lacking in KZ3. Physics also feel downgraded. The whole game lacks polished and feels rushed.

Such a shame. KZ3 could have turned out special. Didn't help that GG wouldn't shut up about how they dumbed everything down like it was for our benefit. Sadly we were given a generic, shallow and limp mess with half-assed attempts at variety.

Dark_king2457d ago

Hey don't go complaining about the Move.It didn't waste much man power at all.Sony did all that work awhile ago,now you just need the UI to set it up for the player preference.Make the cross hairs free floating An your about done.Its basically the right analog thats why it can be patched into games pretty easily.
Now the 3d did infact use a great deal of man power.However you can't claim it wasted that man power until you have seen the 3d in action.Only then can you judge it.

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