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GraveLord2456d ago

Not my cup of tea of I know many people love these games.
What 3DS really needs is more great 3rd party games like Resident Evil Revelations.

NukaCola2456d ago

I honestly would love a solid 2.5D/3D Paper Mario. I thought one was in the works. Hopefully it will be most similiar to 1000 Year Door. The Mario RPGs are all amazing, but I think the 3DS would benefit best from a Paper Mario than the Mario and Luigi RPG saga.

--Onilink--2456d ago

There is already on announced thats coming out this year

ozstar2456d ago

Dude, this won't ship until NEXT year.

TeaDouble_E2456d ago

Cod ships next year, do you think that's not overmilked?

Tsalagi2456d ago

Nintendo's fiscal year is April 1 - March 31 so it could possibly come out around Christmas 2012.

AWBrawler2456d ago

Hey I like that milk. let me go get my cup!

Nothing like a good ole 2D mario, which is NOT milked

2D mario was one Wii 1 time and DS 1 time and before that he was away since 64 days

Titanz2456d ago

Though only a few of them can produce a quality product. Why would Macdonalds not sell Bigmacs, or Ford not sell F-150's?

I really hate that terminology people use to describe Nintendo franchises, because they have the faintest idea what they're actually talking about.

SaffronCurse2456d ago

Truth be told, Mario is more Milked than Cod, has been and always will be.

Hisiru2456d ago

Mario is a global mascot, for gods sake. Give it a break.

Majin-vegeta2456d ago

True but the difference is Mario is always adding new stuff where as cod is the same thing from 2007.

AWBrawler2456d ago

yeah cos you know i totally fought a rock golem by hitting it with explosive ghost i had to grab by the tongue on the ole 8 bit mario /s

Mario changes stuff up, so whats the problem? don't like him, don't buy that simple. I never bought a COD game and most likely never will because I don't like it, but I have playe dwith friends on their consoles.

mcstorm2456d ago

Majin-vegeta I agree with you. I dont think ive ever played a poor Mario game yet if you look at the big names over the years final fantasy, resident evil, Sonic ect they have all had a mixed bag of amazing and very poor games. Im happy for Nintendo to make more Mario games as no matter what they seem to do with Mario there games work well and are fun to play.

TeaDouble_E2456d ago

@ OMGitzThatGuy
forgot it was 2012

killasder2456d ago

moooo goes the cow when its being milked..

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The story is too old to be commented.