Wii U to Remove the Pain from Controller Syncing

GameXplain: "Surely anyone who owns a Wii has experienced the pain that is syncing controller: removing the Wii Remote jacket, taking off the battery cover, and hitting both the "sync button" hidden inside the Wii Remote and on the front of the Wii itself...and pray, as the console attempts to sync the controller, which rarely ends successfully. And God help you if you have four controllers to sync."

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Eternalb2548d ago

Good! Syncing controllers was a pain on Wii

darthv722547d ago

its as if they really believe its THAT hard to sync a controller. I will tell what is tough to sync. Friggen bluetooth devices. You have to prepair one then do the other then go back to one and type in the code and then you "pray, as the devices attempt to sync each other"

That may be a bit overstated but seriously. Pressing a button on the controller and pressing the button on the console.....cant get any simpler than that. Well, actually it can. I liked the wavebird controllers because all you had was a little dial to turn and when both the receiver and the controller were on the same channel..viola. Instant gratification.

You could also jack up your friends controls by changing the channel so they cant counter in SSBM. Until they realize what you did of course.

Eternalb2547d ago

Umm, the Wii Remote IS a bluetooth device. Also, as the article mentions, it's rarely as easy as just "pressing the buttons" as it often doesn't sync the first several times.

sloth33952548d ago

why post this on the PS3 and 360 section when its easy to sync those systems controllers

PopRocks3592548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

PS3 takes a little time and the 360 syncing can get confusing with more than one controller, especially if your batteries are dying. Admittedly it's not quite as bad as the Wii's syncing issues.

Either way, it was always a minor problem. Still nice to have a little convenience though.

Dark_Overlord2548d ago

PS3 you just attach the cable, press the middle button an its practically instantly sync'd. Unless you count the time to find the cable :D its pretty much instant.

I can't comment on the 360 syncing due to not owning one.

PopRocks3592547d ago

Actually I'm talking about syncing more than one controller. It can be a somewhat of a pain.