Nihilistic To Take Resistance From Insomniac?

PushStartSelect: "A lot of rumors floated around the web that Resistance was ending, but thankfully Insomniac is a company that will speak on behalf of what they said. Ted Price has confirmed there will be no more Resistance….at least from them…..for now. The rumors stated that Resistance 3 was the end, and as far as that goes it is true. Ted Price noted that Insomniac is ending their development with Resistance. They noted “the story has gone as far as THEY wanted to take it.” Please note the word “they” which means the franchise is more than likely just switching hands."

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PamPoovey2459d ago

Didn't they develop PlayStation Move Heroes.......

Not sure about this :|

HebrewHammer2459d ago

Or let's just let the franchise die. I've always felt there are much stronger PS3 exclusive shooters anyway.

PamPoovey2459d ago

I would like it to take a break but the thing is they've still left unanswered questions and it's not really fair on the die hard fans to not get the answers.....I can live without them but some people really want to know.

I'd say they get a 4th one made over time to answer the questions from the first trilogy then start a new story off with will set up a new trilogy.

gamingdroid2459d ago

I agree. I didn't personally like Resistance much and it seems the public didn't either with it's weak sales.

KZ is a stronger franchise to me.

BattleAxe2459d ago

Insomniac killed the series with one of the crappiest endings i think I've ever seen.


I mean come on, if only mankind knew that all they had to do was crash one ship into another ship, then all the Chimera would just get sucked out through a portal......

HebrewHammer2458d ago

Pam, I agree with you on that - I too am a longtime fan of the Resistance franchise and it would be a shame to not get the full story. Unfortunately Sony doesn't care about finishing the the narrative of a property, nor does any other publisher for that matter. If it doesn't make money, then it doesn't make sense. I think if they did end the franchise as a video game, then perhaps it will live on in comic books and novels like a lot of other games, but that's about it.

Or you can look at it like a lot of LOST fans view their favorite television show: Some questions just arn't meant to be answered.

I can find some solace in the fact that there are a lot of unanswered questions in the Resistance universe. It instigates me to wonder "what if."

But one thing is sure, I'd MUCH rather be left wondering "what if" than getting a definitive answer in a shitty sequel by a studio that has nothing to do with Resistance.

For me, a console Resistance needs Insomniac to continue or conclude the story. All else is irrelevant.

TheMrMadzen2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

Retards....retards everywhere. Why do everyone fucking think that the chimera lost at the end of R3?! If you read the last collectible intel you will learn that the fight is FAR from over!

"Even if Joseph does succeed in closing that wormhole, which I'm afraid to admit is highly unlikely, we must still deal with the billions of Chimera left here on Earth. This war is far from over. I must continue Doctor Malikov's research. Perhaps there is something to be learned about this mysterious substance he calls, "Gray Tech." Hmm... "

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r212459d ago

off topic: the archer is awesome :D
on topic: they did? i'm having doubts with resistance BS...though the game does look pretty like a resistance game.

PamPoovey2459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )

Yes Archer is amazing :D

I love Pam (obviously) and her Bear Claw addiction :)

Did you see the new one last week

Pam: "My panties are so wet you could drown a toddler down there"...massive LOL

On Topic: Yeah they did, I think we have to wait to see what Burning Skies is like first, I mean even then if it's a success console games are differen't to hand held games.

r212459d ago

@PamPoovey oh yeah XD this show is awesome! one part of an episode that made go wtf and lol was when sterling threw the baby up and the 3 old dudes are trying to catch the baby X'D

Razongunz2458d ago

this might be true, but they are also making resistance burning skies for the ps vita, so i don't think these guys are completely usless :P

cyberwaffles2458d ago

i agree with Hebrew Hammer. resistance was a solid series, but the story wasn't ground breaking or anything new in the world of literature. i would like more innovative story telling and premises in games to be honest. tired of the same ol' alien invasion or military shooter themes.

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NightmareCV2459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )

I wouldn't give them the reins for Resistance until we see how good Burning Skies is.

remanutd552459d ago

i agree but there is always sony bend ( they did an excellent job with Resistance Retribution for the psp )

CanadianTurtle2459d ago

Burning Skies looks really good so far, so I don't feel that hesitant about this. I think they're capable of handling the series.

Resistance games are my most favourite game series of all time, so I just want it to be in good hands.

I just wish NaughtyDog can make a Resistance game, oh shut up, I allowed to dream.....

remanutd552459d ago

i want a Resistance Burning Skies beta !!!!

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