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jc485732459d ago

oh man, I really can't wait to see how they play lol!

agentxk2459d ago

Trailer is up on the site now

Colwyn2459d ago

it would be nice if capcom makes a proper megaman game for the ps3 and ps vita. i liked the megaman game for the original ps1

darthv722459d ago

i can see cole as an exclusive character but pacman and mega man were never exclusive to begin with.

Something just doesnt add up. When namco made soul calibur 2 and had and exclusive character for each platform...that made sense. Link for the cube, Heihachi for the ps2 and spawn (???) for xbox.

Even with soul calibur 4 and the whole yoda and vader thing but they were cross available anyways.

So now it makes you wonder if there will be any kind of special appearances of exclusive characters for the 360. And if so......who?

Game4life2458d ago


with boob action. She used her body to seducethe other characters.
I kid I kid

ShinMaster2458d ago (Edited 2458d ago )

Maybe cause the PS3 versions of Street Fighter IV got almost double the sales and Capcom learned from that.

Or maybe they did it just because.

But I'm sure 360 might get something...

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Godchild10202459d ago

You would think they would make those characters available to all the 3 platforms.

Also, why make him available in SFXT and not release Mega Man X.

NYC_Gamer2459d ago

Sony must have brought a nice deal to Capcom its just business

Rai2459d ago

i'm betting its because that megaman is the ultimate troll to all megaman lovers.

Snookies122459d ago

So wait... Microsoft gets Master Chief, and we get... Pac-Man...? -_- Really? Jeez, could have given us Nathan Drake or something at least.

zeal0us2459d ago

actually M$ is getting anything, ps3 is the only getting exclusive characters. At least ya got Megaman.

RockmanII72459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )

No, PS3 is getting Pacman, Megaman, and Cole Xbox gets no one. Vita are getting the cats.

Edit - Talked to some people, Infernostew got here first though yea the Cats are PS3 too.

Infernostew2459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )

nope. ps3 and vita are getting all 5 exclusive characters.

edit: all good man. we all make mistakes. have a bubble.

Rai2459d ago

master chief isn't in the game.

Snookies122459d ago

Then what the heck did I hear? o_O Lol, could have sworn there was an article up that talked about him being a MSoft exclusive...

Baka-akaB2459d ago

only worthless speculations and wishful thinking

Infernostew2459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )


There was an article about them trying to negotiate with MS for an exclusive character and they said they'd like to have done either Master Chief or Marcus Fenix but that never came to be. I personally don't think either of those characters would've suited the game well anyway.

Optical_Matrix2459d ago

We get Toro, Kuro, Megaman, Pac Man and Cole McGrath. Why you salty?

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9thWonder2459d ago

lets face it ppl asked for megaman and got him on a poster in UMvsC3 then CAPCOM turns around and shafts everyone once again and puts Megaman (US) in SFxT smh lets face it they just trying to mess with us or actually tell us that traditional Megaman and X are dead -_-

Baka-akaB2459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )

Or just that while fan input is appreciated , ultimately they are the one deciding who gets in .

It's one thing to have favs you'd miss or wish for , it's another to complain everytime you get an extra character , and pretend it's taking the spot of "your beloved" .

People used to be psyched about every new char announcement for fighting games , not b*tching about why he's there and not XXX

PS : Not aiming at you , speaking generally

Tuxedo_Mask2459d ago

Yes, it is their decision, but their decision is the reason I didn't buy MvC3 and I won't be buying this, but I will be getting TxSF because Namco has won me over in the fighting genre this gen.

9thWonder2457d ago

its cool but i mean if you listen to the fans on what they want then give them what they ask for you win over ppl doing that but i'll still get it after im positive they wont be no updated version despite they saying there wont be one

Infernostew2459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )

Might as well just make it a PS3 and vita exclusive game at this point.

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