A Message from Ted Price

Insomniac Games CEO Ted Price addresses the gaming community about the future of the Resistance franchise.

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brettyd2457d ago

Nice to see a dev that doesn't run its franchise into the ground and ends it when its appropriate.

colonel1792457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

For me, the wisest move would be to finish it just like Insomniac intended to. If Sony tries to make other games they may not be as good and would be in danger of hurting the franchise.

The PS4 is coming, and with it comes many new IPs which will have the opportunity to be successful just like Uncharted, and many others have on the PS3 (360 and Wii too). I think is the best time to end the franchise since is also almost the end of the generation.

Who knows, maybe at the end of the PS4, or at the start of PS5, Insomniac would like to revisit it again.

Bioshocking2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

yeah Im not sure about another studio continuing with games...

I mean I have that problem with many trilogies. My problem is not with gameplay, but rather stories.

Resistance 3 did not have the strongest ending to a trilogy in my opinion, but it still did a decent job wrapping up and ending the Chimeran Invasion.

But when we look at 2 other huge game trilogies like God of war and Halo... my question is how exactly do you continue the story?

How will Santa Monica continue God of War with the way they ended God of War 3?

Halo 3 ended nicely and Reach was Bungies parting gift to their fans before they moved on to other ventures, but MS gave the reigns of Halo to 343 and I am also questioning how will this new Halo trilogy work?

Whats its purpose?

Even fans clamoring for Jak 4, what can they do?

Even the New Sly 4, not many people are really excited for it as a new developer is taking the reigns

I say leave the Resistance franchises conclusion, but add material to strengthen its ending.

Halo Reach was sucessful as it strengthened the Halo trilogy.

The god of war games on the PSP strengthened the trilogies ending.

Truth is when it comes to a studio taking the reigns of a game from another, I get a bit uneasy.

Metal Gear Rising and the new DMC come to mind.

A games story should be planned out, and once that planned end is met, it is best to strengthen it, rather than to continue it.

I hope some franchises do this, where as others meet that end they need.

Looking at you Valve....

EDIT: Since I feel people may not understand what Im trying to say, it is that games can still continue making their stories....

But when the people behind that game feel like that is how they want to end their story, leave it be.

For example Naughty Dog feels like Uncharted has met its end, they don't want to ruin the series, and may wait a while before they decide to move on again with it.

Im rambling like a fool, but yeah.... I guess what Im saying is no resistance 4, but something set during or before the end. Not after

MsclMexican2457d ago


Yeah... Im all for new games in the series, but I dont want them to keep going with the same characters.

Maybe new people, the franchise has not been that explored.

But with Halo and GOW, I agree. The new Halo trilogy seems unnecessary. Sure I don't own an 360, but I appreciate the lore Bungie created, and if someone was to continue Halo, I wish they used a different character than Chief, but rather referenced to him like in Reach.

Same with GOW, maybe a new character.

I like where Darksiders 2 is going using a different character but still referring to the first.

Its really hard for me to explain, I understand what you are saying, but it really is difficult to explain

Bioshocking2457d ago

I have no idea why but I expected him to say


Whats wrong with me?

gemc6662457d ago

if sony is smart, they will handle this to another studio (Guerrilla maybe?) and continue (or ending) the series (R3 instead of answering question left MORE)

killerhog2457d ago

Guerrilla is freaking busy geez. It's getting galling, every time people want to pile up games on devs already working on thier own IPs. GG is doing kz4 and a new game.

LOGICWINS2457d ago

"if sony is smart, they will handle this to another studio (Guerrilla maybe?)" Resistance is most likely done. R2 sold less than R1 and R3 sold less than R2. Common sense dictates that Sony should let the franchise go.

SweatyFlorida2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

Truthfully, if Sony was smart, they would NOT continue the series and instead let it be done. In all honesty it was a good franchise, but that was it, just good, and it was always over shadowed by Killzone's graphics and other Sony games ever since 2 was released, in popularity and demand.

And though R3 was good, the sales were still bad, even compared to other Ps3 games. From a gamers viewpoint, of course continuing it would be sweet, but from a company viewpoint (and obviously the developer's viewpoint), it's best to be done with the series, at least on Ps3, as I think a Vita Resistance would do good for the system.

bobtheimpaler2457d ago

I hope they don't. They have a pretty sketchy track record and they don't look like they have the imagination/ creativeness nor the independent fortitude to pull it off.

I was left pretty unimpressed with KZ3 and how dumbed down the whole experience was from KZ2. All I can say about it is that it looked pretty.

I'd rather a more established studio like santa monica handle it.

Pintheshadows2457d ago

I have no issue with a newer developer giving it a shot. Obviously Nihilistic pops because they are constructing the Vita title. It couldn't hurt, but i'd leave it for a little while before doing another full fledged Resistance game.

And GG isn't the right developer for Resistance anyway.

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Abash2457d ago

Oh come on Insomniac, you took way too long developing Resistance 3 (3 years) and sales were underwhelming. Coming from a studio that now wants to develop as many games as they can at a time and now want to develop on multiple platforms, at least be honest and say that you no longer deem Resistance a series worth working on because it doesnt make you the money you want.

MidnytRain2457d ago

Don't be such a cynic. Overstrike was announced before R3 was released.

Raider692457d ago


Blaine2457d ago


akaFullMetal2457d ago

well it sucks to have insomniac drop this,but we know that sony will keep it going, hopefully that will still be a good thing. Also can't wait to see what insomniac do next with overstrike.

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