Motion-sensing ZCam set to build on Wii gaming control

Created by Israel-based 3DV Systems, the ZCam is a new 3D interactive gaming camera designed specifically for personal computer users, which is so sensitive to movement and motion that users are able to control on-screen action through the mere flick of a finger.

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whoelse4737d ago

Sony should buy this technology and use it for the PS3 on the PLAYSTATION Eye Mark 2

FamilyGuy4737d ago

They just stole the PSEye idea from sony and upgraded it. Unlike how Sony stole their controller and downgraded it. This is ridiculous to me, it seems like they're actually feeling threatend by the PSEyes possibilities.

tk4736d ago

Sony did not steal their controller and downgraded it. It is two total different technologies. There was Wii like controllers out for the PS2 even before the Wii was released... so go figure.

Silvia0074737d ago

it still got gay ass games.

Guwapo774736d ago

How is this new? Sony PS3eye can do this already.

The game is called Trails of Topoq. Check out the video.