AMD: 'we blew it on quad-core'

"We blew it and we are very humbled by it." So said AMD CEO Hector Ruiz, yesterday, referring to the company's troubled quad-core desktop and server processors. Significantly, AMD admitted that a design tweak will be necessary before the chips can be sold in full retail volumes.

As has reported, AMD's new quad-core CPUs have suffered from a whole host of problems. In both Opteron server and Phenom desktop trim, the new chips were launched at disappointing clockspeeds. Based largely on the existing K8 core, the architecture underlying AMD's quad-core processors is also arguably too conservative to take the fight to Intel's Core 2 family.

Making matters worse, all of AMD's new quad-core processors harbour a hardware error or circuitry erratum, broadly referred to as the TLB logic bug.

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Multigamer4737d ago

i was going to get quad core till i relised i can just aboyt get the same performance from dual core when i tested them out

skagrerrrr4737d ago

up, or Intel would have no competition and that would be really bad for all of us.

ddldave4737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

amd realized early that gaming matters and dominated (ah the AMD XP days), when intel realized what amd did, they stepped up, and now amd is in trouble.

Azurite4737d ago

I respect this kind of announcement.

They have most likely learned from their mistakes and will do whatever they can to make it right.
Like Intel did when AMD showed them what they lacked a couple of years ago.

Bladestar4737d ago

ohh wow.. this is bad... I already prefered AMD over intel...

ryuyasho4737d ago

...and still will, they'll fix things up...

Oblivioner4737d ago

Like the last line of the article

"And monopolies are never a good thing for competition and innovation. JUST LOOK AT MICROSOFT FOR PROOF"

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The story is too old to be commented.