THQ Still Cannot Explain The Real Reason Why Chris Jericho Is Not In WWE '12

Now that the "Make Good" DLC Superstar has now been revealed as Attitude era Kane, this confirms that Chris Jericho will not appear in WWE '12 in any way shape of form.

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iXenon2553d ago

Chris Jericho put it bluntly that he will never (or as Jericho, himself, would stress it "NE-EH-EH-EVER") be in another WWE Game.

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outlawlife2552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

the reason is Jericho owns his likeness and persona...the wwe does not

Jericho wants more money to be used in the game than everyone else, the wwe and thq don't want to pay

it really isn't that hard to figure out, its the same reason why people like the ultimate warrior, hogan, and bret hart only show up in games periodically...they control their own business

kingPoS2552d ago

Won't stop people from making their own custom Jericho.
Unless THQ did something stupid like remove character creation From WWE '12.

MrBeatdown2552d ago

Just once I would like to see 2000 - 2002 Kane. I hate that Santa Claus costume from hell.